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"I feel that I am the biggest struggler in the world." : Mishkat Varma

The good looking actor Mishkat Varma who is playing Raj in Zee TV’s Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya talks about his early life, playing the character of Raj and much more in this conversation with TellyBuzz…

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Rajan Shahi's new romantic tale on Zee TV Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya features the good looking and talented actor Mishkat Verma as the lead who has made his debut in the acting profession with this show. He is quite elated to play his dream role in the show... 

Tell us something about yourself.

I am born and brought up in Mumbai and I have done my schooling from Bombay Scottish School, which is co-incidentally the same school where Ranbir Kapoor, Hrithik Roshan and many stars have studied. After that, I joined Mithibai College. I was not much into studies; I never used to like studying. In fact, I used to hate the entire education system. After that, I pursued my acting career, I did modeling and now I am here doing this show. 

How did acting happen to you?

I was crazy about acting since I was in school and started participating in school plays since I was in 8th Std. I used to wear braces; I was short and a bit tanned. I did Martial arts and Karate for few years and my life changed after that. I always wanted to become an actor and nothing else. I went on giving auditions to get into acting, I got many commercials to do and this is how acting happened to me. My sister Mihika Verma is an actor as well. 

Has the journey from a model to an actor been easy for you?

It wasn't easy for me! I feel that I am the biggest struggler in the world. I have struggled a lot and have given lots of auditions. I have enjoyed the every minute of my struggle and learned from my failure. My parents have always encouraged me and they have never pressurized me. They are the best parents in the world as they have always encouraged me and never discouraged me. My parents and my sister have always guided me to pursue my dreams and they have never had any qualms about the same. 

How has been your experience playing Raj so far?

It's been really awesome so far. Raj is a lot like me as both are very close to our families and we love our families. Raj is a very sweet person and even I am little bit like that. He is very similar to me and I have lots of fun playing the character of Raj. I find it easy to play as he is a lot like me. 

What is your point of view about your character?

Raj is a very sweet and an innocent character. I have always dreamt of playing such  character. I always wished to play a romantic character in my debut show and luckily I have got it and I am very happy to play this character.

How do you feel when you are being compared with a Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor?

I feel very nice about it. He is a very good looking guy and a very talented actor. I take it as a compliment that I look like him. 

Is the role challenging for you to play?

Yes, it has been challenging for me to play the role of Raj. My character is evolving in a better way. Now, he can't see disrespectful behavior towards his family members, he gets angry, he is emotional so it's very challenging now.  

What kind of bonding you share with Kanchi off-screen?

Kanchi and I keep pulling each other's leg. We have lots of fun on the sets. We keep bullying each other on the sets. We share a good bond off-screen.

 How is your presence on social media?

I am Facebook person but I haven't joined Twitter yet. I might join it soon. 

How do you feel making a debut on-screen with a noted producer Rajan Shahi's show? 

Around 1-2 years back, I have been reading lots of interviews in the newspapers where it used to be reported about Rajan sir bagging lots of awards and I didn't know much about television that time. So, I asked my sister Mihika as who is this Rajan Shahi winning so many awards? She told me that he is a well-known producer of TV industry. Every new comer prepares an award speech who just dreams about it and even I did the same and in that speech, I thanked my parents, my sister and Rajan sir in the speech and today its actually happening. When I told this to sir even he was surprised to know about it. I feel very good to be a part of this show. He is a very well known as a very passionate producer/director to work with. He is the most hard- working man on the sets and all the credit should go to him only. Not me, but Rajan sir is the hero of the show.

What kind of feedback are you getting from the audience?

I am getting very encouraging feedback from everyone. So, far it's been very good.  

What is your aim in life? 

I want to pursue my career in acting only and want to make my parents live life king size. I want to give my parents and my sister the best life in the world. 

Well Mishkat, keep up the good work!

Anwesha Kamal

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iamsenadam 7 years ago Both of you guys rock! :) Mihika is doing a great job in YHM.
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sun2011 7 years ago Mishkat Varma rocks as Raj in aphthous and loved ur dancing in did4
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KaranSG_01 7 years ago love him as raj.
didn't know he is mihika verma's brother.
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QueenAnnie18 7 years ago Mishkat Varma you are awesome as Raj in Aur pyaar hogaya
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-Harshaa- 7 years ago Aur pyar ho gaya is amazing show ! loving it! Avni Raj u guys Rock!!
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-RohitMaxwell- 7 years ago Mishkat Kaanchi Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya Raj Avni Rocks
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ParAnJas 7 years ago Mishkat U are so cute ... U r doing Superb and u are a fab. factor...
Keep rocking Mishkat
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-RohitMaxwell- 7 years ago Mishkat love you so much. your hardwork will be paid off
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-juthee- 7 years ago Kanchi singh nd Mishkat varma u guys r the best..
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ParAnJas 7 years ago Mishkat varma u hv an amazing charm and u are doing superbly well as Raj...keep rocking...
Keep smiling...ur biggest fan
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