"I expect the show to be No.1 on Life Ok"- Rajita Sharma

Producer Rajita Sharma shares about her new show on Life OK, Tum Dena Saath Mera

Rajita Sharma's Magic Lantern opened up their account in the Indian television industry with their show Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi. The show that begin with a slow is today one of the top rated shows on Zee TV. The makers have come up with their second show Tum Dena Saath Mera on Life OK.

At the outset of the launch, Rajita Sharma spoke about her journey in the industry and about her new show and the expectations.


How did the show Tum Dena Saath Mera happen?
We did a brainstorming session with the channel wherein we discussed the concept. We live in a contemporary India in a bigger metro wherein we forget the small pleasures of life, like spending time with children, helping them in assignments and homework, a family dinner etc. So we are portraying a couple who has their dreams and aspirations. But the girl has just small hopes and no big dreams. She cherishes the time with her husband and the love she gets from him. When she reaches a bigger city which chases bigger dreams, she comes across the harsh realities of life. There is hardly any time because her husband becomes ambitious. So when we start acquiring material wealth, we forget the certain joys of our life.

Through this show yet again, you have given two new faces to the industry like Nishant Malkani (as a lead) and also Priyal Gor. Is it a conscious effort?
In Ram Milayee, we wanted a very young girl. That's why wanted a completely new girl. In this as well I wanted the couple to have a pure and simple love and who should not have been paired with anyone. So that was the reason to take completely new faces who were never
paired with anyone.

The show is seven days a week and 20 minutes a day. How are do you design the technical process?
Yes, we have to work day in and day out and we also had to design in terms of production as well. Because we had to divide the number of days even with the crew members. They also need some break somewhere. And if you notice, seven days of 20 minutes is equal to five days of 22 minutes. So other than the post production timing, the scanning runs the same time.

Why did you choose Life OK for your next venture when you already have a show running on one of the popular GECs?
Because we wanted to try newer avenues and when we came to know that a new channel is coming, we were informed that they were looking for fresh concepts and they are open to experimentation.

How did you finalize the cast of the show wherein you have pooled in fresh faces?
When I saw Sonarika, she was quite young and raw and our casting director suggested the name. After that I met her and called her again and there were two aspects that I liked about her; one is the expression that she can give through her eyes and secondly she is emotionally very intelligent. I remember when I had read the script to her she had tears in her eyes. The
lead guy's name is Ankit and it was funny that he did not want to do the married elder brother's role . Then I said I will make you a lover's husband and he liked the story.

Do you think the channel did not promote your show which was needed?
At times, even overboard promotions build high expectations. I feel that it must be the design of the channel.

You have brought in Angad Hasija in Ram Milaayee, was their earlier hit pairing a reason?
No, that was definitely not the idea because we had tried a lot of auditions and if you notice, they are not paired as a couple in the show. He is really good for the character.

How has the journey been for Magic Lantern in the industry?
It has been a wonderful journey for us. Ram Milayee had its moments of glory and controversies, yet I would say that we managed to pull it off decently well.

Ram Milayee is one of the top rated shows on Zee TV. Are you expecting the same for Tum Dena Saath Mera?
Yes, I do expect the show to be #1 at least on Life OK

Do you think the urban middle aged love story has become a trend now?
I feel that following a trend has always been a flop (laughs). I think people want something new every time so that they can enjoy. There was a time when concepts like Laddo used to work and now the concept of Bade Achche is working, both of which have a contrasting story to tell. I believe there is an audience for all types.

What are the other projects from Magic Lantern?
There are some in the pipeline and some are in the  development phase.

Life Ok is a new channel. Are you worried about the TRPs?
Right now, I am not worried about the ratings as such and it has been wonderful till date with Life OK.

Reporter and Author: Saranya Valsarajan

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12 years ago

TDSM is a cute show and I catch a glimpse of it once in a while. The leads are a bit too young but they are cute.

12 years ago

sara khan is doing great job as mona love her so much...

12 years ago

we want to see Gurmeet & Drashti together again in any show...

12 years ago

Please bring back GHSP2 or a new show with GurTi as the lead pair!

12 years ago

Ghsp rock.U messed ram milaye jodi and claiming here to be No.1 with 0.5 Trp.Best of luck.

12 years ago

Tum Dena is So Far my fav on Life OK ! keep rockin <3 !! cute Cast i must say :)
@Geetians :) keep commenting this will help our rating to increase :)

12 years ago

wa just dont want to watch any show on life ok without Geet "life ok is not ok" so plz bring our fav show back with season 2 with the same lead actor Gurmeet and Drashti.

12 years ago

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12 years ago

geet is best no life ok in my house have unsubscibed it long ago after geet was axed.

12 years ago

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