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"I don't watch horror movies because I get scared." - Mishkat Varma

The cute looking Mishkat Varma doesn’t believe in supernatural things and has never been on a horror dare as he gets scared.

TellyBuzz brings to you the Spooky and Uncanny column with your favorite Television stars and tries to find out their beliefs in supernatural and their brush with the uncanny! This week we have Mishkat Varma with us, who is currently seen playing the character of Raj in Rajan Shahi's popular show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya on Zee TV. 

Let's find out what Mishkat has to share with us... 

Do you believe in supernatural?

No, not at all. 

Craziest horror story you have ever heard as a kid?

I don't remember any such stories heard by me as a kid, but I can share which I have heard recently. I have heard that every day at 3 am, empty buses roam around on the roads of Madh Island without a driver. This is something crazy which I have heard. 

Have you ever had a brush with uncanny?

I have never had any! I don't believe in all this also.

When have you been the most scared?

I am very attached to my parents and whenever I have to go away from them, I get scared.  

Favorite horror movie?

I don't watch horror movies because I get scared. 

Horror dare?

No, never as I get scared. 


Anwesha Kamal



Mishkat Varma Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya  Zee TV 

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Ammara2005 6 years ago Love you Mishkat Varma!!
Love you Mishkat Varma!!
Love you Mishkat Varma!!
Love you Mishkat Varma!!
Love you Mishkat Varma!!
..Breeze.. 6 years ago Love you Mishkat Varma!!
He's really attached to his family, alot!
Vishi- 6 years ago Nice Ans !!!
Mishkat Varma doing grt job as Raj :)
Aur Pyaar hogya Rocks :)
ParAnJas 6 years ago yup yaari very less comments...dun know why...kahan hai mishkat ke sabh fans

btw...mishkat keep rocking
-RohitMaxwell- 6 years ago why so less comment??? everyone plz comment three times
ParAnJas 6 years ago Mishkat you are best... love u as Raj ...keep rocking
-RohitMaxwell- 6 years ago love you Mishkat... keep rocking as Raj. Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya Rocks
..KpopIsLife.. 6 years ago too cute n sweet... love u as raj u doing great work keep up...Embarrassed
tina_sre 6 years ago me 2 very scared of watching horror movies...even if I dare watch it I can't see mirror 4 at least couple of days...LOL!

Miskat, u r doing awesum job as Raj...we luv u loads...Kep rocking!
Senoritaaa 6 years ago LOL
Mishkat Varma Keep Rocking as RAJ
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