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"I do not like crying a lot on-screen": Aastha Choudhary

The cute and bubbly Aastha Choudhary who is seen essaying the role of IPS Officer in Sahara One's daily soap Rishton Ke Bhawar mein Uljhi - Niyati, talks to TellyBuzz about bagging the show, her character in the show, dream role and much more...

Published: Monday,Mar 25, 2013 12:12 PM GMT-06:00
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How do you feel about getting the role of Niyati?
It feels great (smiles). Niyati is a role which is different from all the shows I have done in the past. However,
it is very hectic but I am enjoying the role, especially the action scenes. Basically, it is not like a typical daily soap and that is what makes it different.

You are essaying the role of an IPS Officer. Do you think it is difficult for you to play such a role?
Well, it is not easy but not difficult too.  It all depends on the hard work an actor puts in while portraying a character onscreen. I always wanted to join the Army or Defense Forces but due to my insufficient height I had to back out. But lucky enough that I got to play my dream onscreen which makes me extremely happy. Apart from that my dad is really happy as I got to play this role because as a child I used to watch the show Udaan on Doordarshan and the girl Kalyani was an idol for me. I always aspired to be like her. Though not in real life, in reel life I certainly got the opportunity.

How did you get this role?
I was not told that the audition was for the role of an IPS officer and I was pretty sure that for such roles they would not consider me since my height would be a major problem. Nevertheless, when I went there I had to give the look test for the same role and luckily I also got chosen for it. They resolved the issue of less height by making me wear heels. Though it hurts, but as we say there is no gain without pain (smiles). The promo shoot was fun and it became a challenge for me to bring forth my best to enact this role.

You are replacing Jayshree Soni in the show. Do you think you will be able to make a mark as she did?
Well, the story line is totally different. I am not replacing her because I am playing the role of her daughter in the show. So eventually there is no comparison. As far as leaving a mark is concerned I am trying my best and I wish that even the viewers will accept me soon.

Is Niyati a show you wished to comeback with?
Why not? Niyati is a good show and the new story line that features me is also good. I do not like crying a lot on- screen and in daily saas-bahu serials one is expected to do that. Compared to that, getting to play this role is superb.

What strategy are you going to use in order to essay this role?
I am going to use no strategy. I am just going to be myself and will put forth my 100% in whatever I do.

What type of roles would you want to play in future?
I want to play something similar to what I am in real life... a very bubbly girl. If I get an opportunity to play something like that in future then I would be very happy.

One of your shows which is very close to you?
My first show Babul Ka Aangan Chootey Na is very close to my heart. I have some amazing memories of that show. It was my first show and I was very excited all through the making.

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A quote you follow in life?
Believe in yourself and the Almighty and stay happy forever.

Krishma Solanki.

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SamW92 10 years ago Love you Aastha. Hope to see you in a stronger GEC than Sahara...
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MichaelC2B 13 years ago I love the movie and I adore Alex O'Loughlin. The movie is charming, funny and just plain fun. Can't wait to get the DVD, and I have already seen it several times.
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