"I connect my thoughts with the kind of books I read" - Mihika Varma

Pretty and bubbly Mihika Verma shares her other interest which is reading books in conversation with TellyBuzz.

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Sundays are special and time to relax. On a day like Sunday we have got something special to you. Avid book reader Mihika who is seen in Star Plus' Ye Hai Mohabbatein shares with us what kind of books she likes to read and who is her favorite author.

Let's see what she has to say...

Sharing her love for novels Mihika says, "I love reading books.  My latest favorite writer is Durjoy Dutta, I am fond of Indian writers because I can relate to what they are writing, books by Indian authors are quite quirky. I have also read Harry Potter books, I am a big fan of Harry Potter but recently I only read Durjoy Dutta because his books are quick and easy to read. I have read at least 13 or 14 books of Durjoy. I  have also heard about this new writer Adveta Kala somebody gifted me his book I have started to read it. I have also read Chetan Bhagat's and Sidney Sheldon which always has some kind of mystery in it."

What inspired Mihika to read books? She answers, "During my childhood days I was very studious , all the time I was busy in studying. I developed this habit of reading books when I started shooting. When I am on the sets and I have nothing to do so I read and that's how I developed the habit of reading books. On one fine day I took a book in hand to read and that's how I started reading."

So does she think that books are her best friends? She says, "Books are not your best friends because they can't give you advice but books really helps me to sensationalize myself. I think it improves our creativity and imagining power. It gives me some kind of focus when I read a book I can connect my thoughts.

What is more appealing reading a book or watching a film? This is what Mihika says, "I think it depends sometimes you may like reading the book but may not like watching a movie or vice versa. Chetan Bhagat's Two states was average but the movie did well but when you talk about Lord of the Rings I think the movie didn't do justice to the book."

Its nice to know your interest in reading books Mihika!

Phalguni Sharma


Mihika Verma Chetan Bhagat Yeh Hai Mohabbatein  Star Plus 

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Springlover 6 years ago u r a good reader mihika.
nice to knw.
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Jiyagulabi_26 6 years ago Mihika I really like ur character in yeh hai mohabbatein:))
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shaztea 6 years ago Mihika Verma nice to know You read books... u r performing very well in Yeh Hain Mohabbatein
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Nichuss 6 years ago Karan Patel & Divyanka tripathi are awesum.

Mihika Varma doing great as Mihika iyer in Ye Hain Mohabbatein2014-08-31 23:12:35
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adoremevirgo 6 years ago wow...mihika has read more books of durjoy than he himself has written...
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soapliker 6 years ago Mihika Verma doing great as Mihika in Yeh Hain Mohabbatein. Karan Patel, Divyanka Tripathi rock
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Aadaa 6 years ago Have other people noticed that Mihika's mouth is funny shaped in a weird way?
Mihika has a nice sexy body, pity about the boat-race!.
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FieryLioness 6 years ago Mihika doing really well in yeh hai mohabbatein...
i like her character...
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shonamary 6 years ago durjoy datta wrote only 10 books...then how can u read 12 or 14 books of him...anyway i like ur acting..u r too gud in saree...
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Rudrapreesha765 6 years ago mihika
u r superb in yeh Hai mohabbatein!
Karan Patel and divyanka the lovely co-stars!
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