"I am planning to gift myself a dog on my birthday" : Kanwar Dhillon

Birthday boy Kanwar Dhillon shares his birthday plans and memories with TellyBuzz.

Talented actor Kanwar Dhillon who was last seen as Vedant in Life OK's popular show Do Dil Ek Jaan, is celebrating his birthday today. The birthday boy is busy celebrating his birthday with his friends and family and is overwhelmed to receive so many wishes and gifts from his loved ones.

TellyBuzz spoke to Kanwar to know more about his birthday plans.

Kanwar had a surprise birthday celebration last night at his home. Talking about it and his birthday plans for the evening he told us, "I had gone out last night and then got back late at home. When I entered the house, I saw that all my old school friends and family friends had gathered with so many cakes and gifts. I felt good to get this surprise birthday party last night from them. I am looking forwards to have more such parties today.

Elaborating more on the birthday party and plans of celebrating it with his friends, he says, "I like to spend time with my family and freinds. I might go out on a long drive with my friends in the evening as I have already celebrated it with my family last night. I am not that much into hosting parties. I have cut almost 6-7 cakes till now and my fridge is full of cakes. I have got a call from one of my friend who has planned a party for me. More than me, it's my friends who are hosting parties for me on my birthday."

When asked Kanwar as what gifts he has got on his birthday, he added, "I had bought a car as my advance birthday gift and I have no idea what all I am going to get today. I am getting lots of greetings from my fans. I am really overwhelmed to receive all the love and support I am getting from them. My phone kept ringing all the night because of Facebook and Twitter notifications and at last I had to switch of my phone last night to sleep well. I have also got so many gifts from my friends. I am planning to buy a dog for myself on my birthday."  

Going down the memory lane, the birthday boy shared how he used to celebrate his birthday during his childhood days and how it has changed now, "Initially I used to have a grand birthday party hosted by my Mom and Dad at home or some other place. It's always been a typical birthday party like any other kid. When we become matured, we prefer celebrating our birthday with limited number of people. I don't actually enjoy keeping parties at home with so many people. I prefer to be with my old friends and family. I am looking forward to host a big party next year," avers Kanwar.

Thanking his fans for the wishes, he concludes saying, "Thank you so much for all your wishes. I am reading each and every wish of yours and seeing your pictures. It's impossible for me to reply to each one of you but I am reading every message and hitting the like button on Facebook and making it favorite on Twitter. Keep loving me."

TellyBuzz wishes Kanwar a very happy birthday and a great year ahead! 

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