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"Doing cardio is very necessary to keep oneself fit." : Krip Suri

Seen as a strict and punctual professor Vardhan in Sadda Haq, Krip Suri is a fitness freak and does cardio exercises to remain fit.

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Talented actor Krip Suri, who is currently seen as Vardhan in Channel V's popular show Sadda Haq, is a fitness freak. Krip thinks that in order to stay fit a daily workout is necessary and he is very much conscious about his food choices as well. We quizzed Krip to know more about his fitness mantra.

Let's see what Krip has to share with us regarding his fitness secret.

What does fitness mean to you?

I am a very health conscious guy. I was very upset that because of my fractured hand, I couldn't work out for around 2 months. I started with my cardio, the day my hand recovered. These days, every individual has lots of tensions and worries in their life and working out takes away all the worries and stress from one's life. I would request everybody to do it as it's very good for a good mind and soul. Good food and a healthy diet helps you to live longer and look good.

What efforts do you take to stay in shape?

I do cardio everyday and I am more into having green vegetables. I drink Green Tea every day. I drink Aloe Vera and Amla juice with Wheat powder everyday in the morning. After this, I start my day. These days I am doing cardio and avoiding certain kinds of exercises because I want my hand to recover well.    

Are you conscious about your food choices?

I am very much conscious about my food choices. I eat everything but I don't want to put on weight. I try to avoid having oily food. I prefer having homemade food over outside food. I am a good cook and I cook food in less oil and use Olive oil. I take care of having high fiber and I have lots of vegetables.  

Three things you do every day to remain fit.

1.      Cardio.

2.      I get up in the morning and take Aloe Vera and Amla juice.

3.      I drink Green Tea a lot.

A celeb body you admire?

I am very passionate about working out and going to the gym. I admire Hrithik Roshan's physique. He is very lean which gives him a young look. The more lean you will be the more young you will look.

Do you take protein supplements?

I take natural proteins. I eat boiled eggs, chicken and sometimes fish. Everybody should take natural proteins on a daily basis. I try to take natural protein which is always good.

Any sport you are skilled at?

I have played cricket and it's my favorite sport. If I wouldn't have been an actor then I would have been a cricketer. I am very passionate about playing cricket.  

What is your fitness secret?

I do cardio exercises, play table tennis, badminton and I do skipping. I workout for 1 and a half hour daily. I used to do cycling as well but currently I can't do it because of my hand.

A fitness tip for your fans.

Do cardio exercise in any form. Cardio makes your heart stronger. I would say that cardio is very important for everybody to do these days. Doing cardio is very necessary to keep oneself fit.

Anwesha Kamal

Krip Suri Sadda Haq  Channel V 

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TeekhiMishti 7 years ago your doing a fabulous job as vardhan. Itna hot teacher pehli baar dekha hai :P
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Dancindoll8 7 years ago Krip Suri-you are brilliant...
Sadda Haq rocks
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..Aney.. 7 years ago Krip Suri...u r an amazing actorSmile
keep rocking!!!
Sadda Haq rocks!
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Girl54 7 years ago Vardhaan sir is an excellent mentor!
You are doing complete justice to the role!
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tiara888 7 years ago Krip Suri you are doing an amazing job in
Sadda Haq!!!
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Jin. 7 years ago Krip Suri Sir.. I'm happy we got an article on you...
You are amazing as Professor Vardhaan..
Love your fitness secrets..
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miss_bennet 7 years ago Krip Suri is amazing as professor Vardhaan...
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cabuzz 7 years ago Krip Suri best proff ever..,
Sadda Haq rock.,.,
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loveyoupreeto 7 years ago Love u as Vardhaan

Sadda haq rocks and good Luck to Krip Suri
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ennishet 7 years ago You are great as Prof. Vardhan in Sadda Haq ... you keep your students on their toes LOL
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