"Dipika Shouldn't Have Stretched The Saiyyan and Bhaiyya Topic," Says Saba Khan!

She also gave her views on current fights and controversies of the house..

Evicted Bigg Boss 12 contestant Saba is an opinionated woman and we have all seen it during her stint in Bigg Boss house. We Chatted with her over current fights and happenings in Bigg Boss, and she had some really interesting things to say.

On Jasleen and her sister Somi's fight:

I didn't understand why Jasleen was so insecure of Somi. She complained a lot that Somi gets a lot of support in the show, but let me tell you, Somi is very strong and if she was getting support then she was equally supporting those people. She always takes stand for her friends unlike Jasleen.

On Dipika Kakkar, Srishty Rode and Romil's "Saiyyan' and Bhaiyya" controversy and open letters written by Shoaib and Manish

On that incident I would only like to say that it was a task and Romil and Srishty wanted to create it in a fun way, but if Dipika felt bad, they apologized to her. I think Dipika should have let it go. Stretching it wasn't a great idea according to me.

On Deepak and Megha's Major Fight in the house

"Deepak and Megha's fight went on a really ugly note with the way Megha behaved, it was very disgusting. I wasn't expecting this from winner of Marathi Bigg Boss. But at the same time Deepak also shouldn't use such words as Chaal chalan' but definitely Megha's dirty act was disappointing to see."

On Srishty Rode's Eviction

"I'm really shocked about Srishty's elimination because she was doing very well in the game. She has shown her real personality in front of everyone. She was not at all fake and has always given he best in all the tasks. So according to me, in comparison to other inmates Srishty should have gone ahead and I'm pretty disappointed."

Also watch her Exclusive Interview with India Forums here:

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Meridipukakar 2018-11-26T11:14:47Z These fives are for dipika only and no one else
Saba. somi and srishty all of them are so insecure of dipika
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Love you dipika
Dipika FTW
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You're an inspiration to me :)
May god bless you with happiness and wealth
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