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"Devyani is a very lively girl who is always smiling and happy" - Sonal Vengurlekar

Sonal Vengurlekar in conversation with TellyBuzz regarding her character in Colors’ upcoming show Shastri Sisters…

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Cute and bubbly Sonal Vengurlekar, who played Ruhi in Channel V's popular show Dil Dostii Dance is all set to be seen portraying a different character Devyani in Shakuntalam Telefilms' upcoming show Shastri Sisters on Colors.

Sonal, who is also very bubbly in real life, will be seen portraying a similar kind of character with Shastri Sisters and she is quite happy to play this character on-screen. TellyBuzz spoke to Sonal to know more about her character and much more.

Tell us something about your character?

Shastri Sisters is a story of four sisters. My elder sister Alka (Neha Pedenekar) is filmy kind of a girl who lives in the world of films. My second sister Anushka (Ishita Ganguly) is the most responsible one who takes care of everyone in the family. My younger sister Peeya (Pragati Chourasiya) is little coward and studious. My character Devyani is a girl who can make people laugh by cracking a joke no matter how serious the topic is which people are discussing about. Her gestures are very cute. I just hope that people will love watching it. Devyani is a very lively girl who is always smiling and happy.

Can you relate yourself to Devyani?

I am similar to Devyani in real life so it's not that much difficult for me to play this character. I am happy that I have got to play this character. I have been waiting to play such kind of a character since long through which I could get to show my qualities to everyone. So, finally I have got to play this character which is similar to me and I am quite happy about it. If  I want to make my friends laugh and whenever I am able to make them laugh through funny acts then  I add such things in my scenes even if it's not written in the script. Even if everybody is sitting in their make-up room in a very serious mood, they start laughing the moment they see me (laughs).

How is the co-ordination going off-screen with your on-screen sisters?

The co-ordination with everyone is going very good. Anushka (Ishita Ganguly) and I who keep fighting on-screen also keep on fighting with each other off-screen too. We share our make-up room. We fight then we become normal soon then. My elder sister Alka (Neha Pedenekar) keeps giving tips to me in real life. My younger sister Peeya (Pragati Chourasiya) is the youngest of all but she is very intelligent. She is like a dadi amma for all of us. We share a great bond with each other. I don't have any siblings in real life so I feel that they are like my family members. Whenever I come to my set, I feel like I have come to my home.

Who amongst your co-stars understands you well off-screen?

I have fewer friends who are very close to me. I am just like Devyani in my real life so there are very less people who understand me well in real. I am sharing a great bond with my elder on-screen sister Alka (Neha Pedenekar) and she understands all my problems well. If I say something in anger then she gets to know what's wrong with me. She understands me well. I share all my problems with her and take and give advices. So, it feels so good.

How was your experience shooting in Delhi?

It was too hot in Delhi. It was too tough for me to shoot in 45 degree temperature in Delhi but we had lots of fun there. We used to roam around a lot and share our rooms. We went for shopping together. Those times were so good. Only heat was the problem rest everything was fine.

What are your expectations?

I have full faith on my fans that after playing a negative character if they have loved me so much then they will love me too while I am playing a positive character (smiles). Some of them used to message me saying, 'Please di don't do negative characters; do positive ones'. So, I would like to say to them that God has accepted your wishes and I am playing a positive character. It's going to be a youth centric show which won't be having any saas bahu drama. It's not like that we will be shown doing some proper scenes only but every small aspects like thr bond of sisters will be shown in the show that will be very catchy and loved by all kind of audiences'.

How is the response by your close ones and friends?

There were some friends of mine who hardly used to talk to me and there were many who criticized me for getting into acting. Now, I am getting messages from all of them that I am doing well. I pray to God that everybody who is working hard in life, get success in life and get happiness in life.

Message for your fans?

I have seen some fans commenting everywhere that it's a boring show or something so I would like to say to them that there is so much of hard work and effort put in behind shooting just one episode. So, please first watch the show and then comment about it. Even if it would be negative, then we will accept and work upon it but please don't comment anything negative without watching the show.

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