"DAUGHTER" is yet another heart touching film of a kid's life: Padmini

Padmini Kolhapuri started off as a child actor in the film industry and then made her way into the list of successful heroines in Bollywood.

Padmini Kolhapuri started off as a child actor in the film industry and then made her way into the list of successful heroines in Bollywood. Now, this 40-plus actress is keen to start afresh. Here's what she has to say about her upcoming Hindi film, Daughter. This film is also a re-entry of Padmini’s in Bollywood.

What made you sign the film?

I liked the story. My character is not out of the world, but is interesting. I play a working woman who does not want to have children for her career's sake. Then, her father-in-law adopts a baby girl. The woman gradually develops a motherly feeling towards the girl. She then wants to start her own family.

Can you relate to your character?

I was a working woman till the time I got married. I left work because I wanted to have a family of my own. So I think somewhere deep down I do understan
d this character well.

Would the film inspire people to adopt a girl child?

In India , a male child is still the first preference. Especially, amongst the business class, where most think that the boy would grow up and run his father's business. But times have changed and so has the mentality of the people. Today, boys and girls are hardly differentiated between.

Would you adopt a girl child if possible?
Yes, why not. I have a son, and if given a choice I would adopt a daughter. However, I do not think that it is practically possible now, since my son has grown up.

Tell us about Daughter?
The story highlights the necessity of adopting a girl child. Being a woman I know how much happiness a girl can bring into the family, and surely, all women know this. A girl does so much for a family, so do boys. Yet a girl is a girl, after all. Sudarshan Shastri and his family –wife Kalyani, elder son Mohit, daughter- in -law Bhumika, younger son Rohit and his friend Mahak help Rucha in realizing what exactly a home is. Sudarshan Shastri and his wife Kalyani bring home Rucha, a 15 year old girl from an orphanage to make her a part of the family. But Sudarshan Shastri’s son and his daughter in law do not have a liking towards Rucha… The girl stays in the house for only 20 days and as she is disliked in the house, she leaves with disappointment. The family realizes the worth of the girl only after she leaves.

Do you think this film will represent Indian women and the girl child?
I feel that people will like this film because even today an Indian girl upholds her values even while accepting Western culture.

Any particular reason behind naming the film Daughter?
I do not think I'm the best person to answer this question. You will either have to ask the producer or the director.

Tell some things about your Producer, Director and Co-Star?
Producer of film is Dr.Medha Mehendale and Director is Visu Mane and my co-star are Vikram Gokhale , Rema , Ayub Khan ,Vinod Sing and Rucha who is playing title role of Daugher .This is a first film of Rucha but she proved that she have good talent . This talented 16 year old collegian seems to possess the sincerity and resolve to combine her studies with a demanding perforce to win the hearts of a tough audience .With your blessings Rucha could well be on her way to tasting success and the film industry discovering a fresh new talent.

Any particular reason for returning to Bollywood?
No, there is nothing in particular. I have always been associated with acting from a very young age. I had to take a break because I had wanted a family of my own. Now that my son has grown up, what else could I return to.

What changes do you find in the film industry when you compare it with your time?
It is true that the film industry has changed. Earlier there was a relaxed attitude while making a film. We never did more than a film or two a year and while shooting, too, we used to do only a few scenes. Today, actors are extremely professional and time is more precious than money. Earlier a director had a lot of time to give tips to a newcomer. But not any more.

So, has Bollywood changed for the better or worse?
All that I will say is that it is too fast.

Which films are you doing in the Marathi language?
I have done a film titled Mumbai Amchi, which will be releasing soon.

Your next project in Hindi Movie?
My next movie is Mera Bachpan … - (SAMPURN)

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