"Chocolates bring a huge smile on my face" - Shamin Mannan

Pretty actress Shamin Mannan who was seen as Bhoomi in Colors popular show Sanskaar- Dharohar Apno Ki season 1, talks about things which make her happy the most…

Talented actress Shamin Mannan was last seen on small screen in Sanskaar-Dorohar Apnon Ki season 1 on Colors. She got immediate fame due to her innocent smiling face on screen.

TellyBuzz got in touch with this charming actress to know about the five things which bring a smile on her face in her real life and she smilingly says, "I love chocolates the most and I am addicted to it. Whenever someone gifts me a chocolate or I myself buy and eat a chocolate, it brings a huge smile on my face and I feel very happy about it."

The actress is quite fond of watching good movies too and eating good food, "Good movies and good food also bring a smile on my face. I love traveling a lot so whenever I am traveling to any lovely destination I feel very happy and it makes my face lit up," replies Shamin.

Apart from the above things Shamin likes to be a kid as she loves playing in the water and says, "I love playing in water, like on the beach and in the swimming pool."

Well Shamin we pray that you always have a wonderful smile on your face and you remain happy as always!!



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