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"Bigg Boss is a game for cameras" - Armaan Kohli

TellyBuzz got in a candid chat with the Bigg Boss Saath 7 contestant Armaan Kohli who got evicted from the show last week, to know about his stay in the Bigg Boss house.

The dashing actor Armaan Kohli who was seen as a contestant in the popular reality show Bigg Boss Saath 7 which airs on Colors, was eliminated last week from the show after his long stay of 97 days which is an achievement in itself.

On his exit from the show, we got in a candid chat with Armaan to know more about his journey in the Bigg Boss house, what has he learnt by staying in the house, his chemistry with Tanisha, who he thinks should turn out to be a winner in the show and much more.

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Armaan shares about his journey in the Bigg Boss house with TellyBuzz, "It was a memorable journey. An experience that will never be forgotten throughout my life. I have got to learn a lot through that show, have known many people and made many friends. Most importantly my reason to enter the Bigg Boss house has been served. The main motive to enter the house was to make people aware about me as for many years I was not seen in the industry."

We asked him on whether does he find the eliminations fair and he says, "Yes, absolutely I find the elimination fair and I have no regrets at all. Staying in that house for long 97 days is an achievement for oneself. All of them who have come so far in the show are winners in themselves."

Armaan Kohli was referred as the angry man in the house who would easily take up fights. We asked Armaan on what he has to say about it and he quipped, "Basically it is a house and some situations occur in the house when you stay with new people, there are agreements and disagreements, arguments that do happen which sometimes get solved and sometimes lead to a fight. Such situations are not avoidable as everybody in the house was there to play a game and win the trophy. A person does whatever he or she feels right at that particular time. Following the same I have done what I felt right. I never wanted anybody to climb over my head so I have come forward to speak for myself whenever needed.

Furthermore he elaborated saying, "But not to forget that it was a game and many a times it was acting even in anger as the game was for the cameras."

When asked to Armaan about his chemistry with Tanisha which was seen, he says that Tanisha is a good friend that he has made while he was in the Bigg Boss house, "Tanisha has become one of my best friends. I have earned a really good friend through this show and I am thankful to this show that I and Tanisha met. She has always stood by me as a pillar throughout and I thank her for all that she has done for me."

We also quizzed him with a question that will he take the friendship with Tanisha to another level in future and he replies, "Tanisha is definitely a priority in my life now. Falling in love in front of the cameras is not me. We are just friends and nothing more than that. It is a sober friendship that we have made in the house which we will continue it ahead too."

In a quick fire question we asked him on who he thinks is the drama queen in the house and who is the one who has shown his/her fake side in the house. For which he says, "I wouldn't say that Gauhar Khan is a drama queen but I can say that Gauharji plays the game with a lot of strategy."

"Everybody has shown their fake side so it could be anybody. But apart from that I have enjoyed staying with all the contestants in the house."

Armaan was seen engaging in a lot of fights. So lastly we asked him on which fight he thinks was the most disastrous one and he answers, "No fight was as huge I would say. Some fights could have had been solved in few minutes in the house itself but was taken ahead too. We all have seen through the show that who has provoked people in the house to take such steps. But well, it is all past now and if I wouldn't have had been right then I wouldn't have had come back in the house."

According to Armaan, Tanisha should win the game as he says, "Definitely I want Tanisha to win the show, she deserves to take away the trophy home but if I have to choose somebody apart from Tanisha then that would be VJ Andy and Sangram Singh."

With Sangram Singh getting the ticket to finale and just five days left for the finale the wait to see the winner is coming closer. So who according to you will take away the trophy - Sangram Singh, Tanisha Mukherjee, Andy, Gauhar Khan or Ajaz Khan? Keep watching Bigg Boss Saath 7.

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smartsidd 6 years ago Check out more new movies,games,rating ,review, news, trailers and more at
hina-2002 6 years ago loser armaan kohli2013-12-25 13:24:33
Sweety1985 6 years ago Dashing actor??? Us ke daanth dekhe hain, m sure he has ghutka!! Such a cheapo and desperate guy he is..calling relation with tanisha as friendship s insult to that term..pls grow up!!
ipkknd10 6 years ago You and Tanisha are both losers,
Gauhar Khan is a winner.2013-12-25 02:58:18
arhifan1 6 years ago tanisha wont even get hell... cheap woman! gauhar shud win... sangaram is a self proclaimed saadhu! ajaz palti khata hai! andyis really lovely humana
nicegirl_good 6 years ago HAAHAHAHAHAH Tanisha is a friend and nothing more than that ? Then why did you say I love you to her, why kiss her etc disgusting man
zitsy2013 6 years ago No matter what people says about you. You have been the best & entertaining contestant & we love you.

Dashing! Oh yeah 100%. You were a heart-throbe in your time and girls used to go weak on their knees. At 41 you are still a charmer.
ArShiDelena 6 years ago Armaan Kohli dashing actor, this is the biggest joke of the century...
zahrakaranwahi 6 years ago Sangram,andy and tanisha one of them deserve to win bb7 and ajaz too for his son thats all
sun2011 6 years ago Want Sangram, Andy or Gauhar to win! - Tanisha has made the most money and shown in her words she is independent - so then lets give it one of the other deserving three who all showed their individuality and originality while Tanisha just chilled with Armaan in the BB7 house.
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