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"An actor should explore different kind of characters": Krip Suri

Krip Suri aka Vardhan of Channel V’s Sadda Haq is gaining immense popularity amongst the audience for his character in the show. The actor talks about his character and much more in this conversation with TellyBuzz.

Talented actor Krip Suri who is seen as the strict professor Vardhan in Beyond Dreams' popular show Sadda Haq on Channel V is very happy with the response he is getting from the audience for his character in the show. Krip, who was earlier seen as Rahukaal in Life Ok's Savitri finds Vardhan to be a challenging character to play because of the differentiation between these two characters.

TellyBuzz spoke to the actor to know more about his experience of playing this character and much more...

How has been your experience playing Vardhan so far?

It's been very wonderful so far. For me, it's a very different character which I have got to play after Savitri where I played Rahukaal. It's a complete change over for me as an individual as well as an actor from playing Rahukaal to Vardhan. The character of Rahukaal was based on history and fantasy world whereas Vardhan's character is more of today's world. I am really happy that people are liking it.

Tell us something about your character.

He is the main protagonist of the show and the story revolves around him. His past is related to his present and the same thing is going around him in the present what happened with him in the past. This character has lots of shades. He is a very strict person. It feels wonderful playing this character.

Having played so many negative and grey characters, would you like to play a positive character in future?

I would surely like to play a positive character in future. I feel lucky that I have got to play negative characters and I have also played a positive character with grey shades. Vardhan is a strict professor of the college who wants his students to explore their best. He has his own way of teaching the students and making them understand everything. Just because of his past, he has become the way like he is right now. I want people to give me a try with positive characters now and I want to try out my caliber by playing a positive role as well. I have played positive as well as comic characters well. It happens that if you do well as negative character then you will get casted with that character only. I think an actor should explored different kind of characters and not with just one.

How do you find the team to work with?

It's a wonderful team to work with. The production people, the cast and crew and the producers Mamta Yash Patnaik and Yash Patnaik are very good people. I feel very happy and lucky that they casted me when my one hand was fractured. I even started shooting for the show with one of my hand fractured. It was so sweet of them to cast me in that condition. The entire team is very good and very co-operative.

How difficult was it for you to shoot with one fractured hand?

It was quite difficult for me to shoot with a fractured hand. I used to get up early in the morning and get ready to go for my shoots with one of my hand which wasn't working but because of that, I understood a lot of things. I learned to do everything with one hand and though it was difficult for me it was a part of my life and I had to live with it.

How challenging was it for you to get yourself evolved in this role?

It was a challenge for me to play this role. Initially, my one hand wasn't working and the next thing was Savitri had gone off-air recently and after playing Rahukal for around one year, I needed at least one month time to get over it. That character was very much different from Vardhan in terms of their diction and body language. I would like to thank God that my real fracture worked for this character initially and people liked it too. So, I am happy.

What kind of feedback you are getting from the audience?

They are liking my character and I am happy with their response. I didn't get that much of exposure when I was in Savitri and I have no words to say that people are liking my character so much. I feel that our young generation decides whether a show is hit or flop. It's a youth oriented show and it's a fantastic feeling that people are watching it and loving it.

Message for your fans?

Keep rocking our show by watching it. It's all because of you all that our show is on number 1 position on Channel V. I would like to thank all the fans for watching our show and making it no. 1. Most of the audiences of our show are school going kids or college going. I want them to focus on their studies and exams as well. Keep watching our show but don't sacrifice your studies for that because studies are more important. Lead a good life and stay positive and achieve everything what you all want from your life.

Anwesha Kamal


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SH is about Sandhir and their evolution.

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