Pushpa Impossible: Dilip plans to eliminate Santosh without being physically involved

In the upcoming episode of Pushpa Impossible, Santosh overhears the plan and calls his lawyer, pleading to shift him as soon as possible.

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Pushpa Impossible: Dilip plans to eliminate Santosh without being physically involved
Dilip from Pushpa Impossible. Image Courtesy: Sony SAB

Sony SAB's show Pushpa Impossible keeps drawing in viewers with the heartwarming story of Pushpa (Karuna Pandey) as she faces tough challenges in life but keeps on going with a strong and inspiring attitude. Recently, the audience saw that Deepti (Garima Parihar) wanted to divorce Ashwin (Navin Pandita); however, after Pushpa and her lawyer Devi's (Urvashi Dholakia) suggestion, the duo decided to opt for the six-month cooling period to see if they could work on their issues.

In the upcoming episode of "Pushpa Impossible," Pushpa welcomes Bapodra back to the chawl. Bapodra is concerned and guilt-ridden for what has happened in the basti. He worries as MLA Patil has negated funding for any resurrection. Dipti and Prarthana make up after a brief tiff, experiencing a beautiful moment of union that brings happiness to all. However, Prarthana is a bit tense. Pushpa notices Prarthana's unease and checks on the matter. Prarthana shares her concern about her dad with Pushpa. Pushpa initiates a campaign to raise funds, with Saran and Rashi triggering crowdfunding as a way out. The excitement begins to build. In jail, Dilip plans to eliminate Santosh without being physically involved. Santosh overhears this and calls his lawyer, pleading to shift him as soon as possible.

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In tonight's episode, Sushila and Pushpa extend Bapodra's stay for one more day. Rashi joins Ashwin's Drive Away project, and Dilip warns Santosh. Pushpa resolves the Prarthana-Dipti fight, using her charm to make Chirag the mediator.

Bapodra is discharged and meets the Basti boys, promising help. However, Sangita Tai reveals that Raj Patil has denied assistance. Pushpa and Bapodra face challenges from the party's high command while trying to raise funds for rehabilitation.

Rashi suggests hiring Pakya and Chakki as drivers for Ashwin and Sonal's project. Ashwin and Dipti rush to pick up Swara from school, facing criticism from the principal. Despite this, they reconcile, forming a stronger family unit.

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