Punar Vivah welcomes Amita Udgata as a new entrant!

A new entry and a lot of celebration with the cast donning different avatars awaits the audience in the upcoming episodes of Zee TV's Punar Vivah…

Amita Udgata in Mann Ki Awaaz PratigyaThe cast of Shashi Sumeet Mittal's Punar Vivah is all set to welcome a new entrant to the show. Amita Udgata who was last seen as Amma in Star Plus' Mann Kee Awaaz Pratigya is going to be the new member of the show. 

According to our source, she will be seen playing Prashant's (Vineet Raina) Kaki in the show. We tried contacting Amita Udgata but she remained unavailable for comment.

We have also heard that the cast of the show will soon be seen in a different avatar on-screen on the occasion of Aarti's (Kratika Sengar) ex- in laws' (Geeta Tyagi and Amit Singh Thakur) wedding anniversary. They all will be seen donning a 70's look which will be the theme of the party.

Will Kaki accept Aarti's second marriage?  Seems like there are lots of twists and turns waiting ahead for the viewers of Punar Vivah.   

Reporter and Author: Anwesha Kamal

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Vineet Raina

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Comments (349)

Annoying kaki lol hate her for her backward thinking

11 years ago

Sooo excited for monday. Even more excited than the holidays hahaha...

11 years ago

Amitaji is doing an amazing job enacting Prashant's Kaki/Taiji. The woman says the most appalling things but there's a sprinkle of humor to the delivery of the dialogues as well - this show has such fantastic directors!

11 years ago

Loving the new entry...full of comedy...
Punar Vivaah rocks..
Kratika rocks..
Gurmeet rocks...

11 years ago

Loving the new entry in Punar Vivah!Punar Vivah rocks!

11 years ago

This entry has brought nothing but fun for PVians. Loving the new entry! :-D

11 years ago

what a show punaer vivah the best show with quality acting.arti and yash,gurmeet and kratika are rocking

11 years ago

Interesting character and a very talented actress... great!!

11 years ago

very interesting entry..this might be the nuclear bomb of them all that will diffuse Prashant to explode..

11 years ago

This Kaaki is really ominous and comical both at the same time.
A lot of sentences came out of her mouth that is galling but guess that is the reality of it of Matriarchs of old!

Love the message of the show Punar Vivah.

11 years ago

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