Psst! Ribbhu Mehra Has A Secret Profession..!

You didn't hear it from us...


Not many people know that Ribbhu Mehra who is currently seen in My Name Ijj Lakhan on Sab TV is also a DJ and a music producer. The actor loves music as much as he loves acting. This Holi, for the first time ever Ribbhu will be playing a gig as a DJ at a popular Holi Festival - Holi Invasion.
The actor is excited for this performance of his as Holi is one of his favourite festivals and he loves playing it. And this year's Holi comes as a pleasant surprise for him. Music is his second passion and he always been close to the art so any such opportunity is always welcomed by him and he makes sure to take time out from his shooting schedule to accommodate his gigs as a DJ or any event/activity related to music or in music production.

Well, to support his first ever gig for Holi we hear a lot of his celeb friends also will be present as well as his costars from his TV show. Ribbhu Mehra exclaims, "I love music and have been DJing for more than 10 years. Holi is one of my Favourite Festivals. And nothing like celebrating the festival while working. This is one day when usually actors are not shooting and the entire industry is in party and playful mood. I am looking forward to play some best of the music for the lovely crowd and playing holi with my fellow actor colleagues and friends."
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