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#PromoReview: The first promo of Love Ka Hai Intezaar hints towards an Unconventional Love-story

Time to defy the fairy-tale romance?


Star Plus recently released the first promo of their latest venture Love Ka Hai Intezar' starring Keith Sequeira and Sanjeeda Shaikh in the lead roles. While Keith was last seen on television in Bigg Boss Season 9, Sanjeeda was last seen in Ishq Ka Rang Safed and is currently seen in Vikram Bhatt's web series Gehraiyaan.

And after a long wait, the promo of the Keith-Sanjeeda starrer is finally out and here's what we thought of it.

The promo starts with the king of Rajgad, Maharaja Madhav Singh (Keith Sequeira) being called on stage to present an award. And he presents it to the Queen of Bollywood Kamini Mathur, who is a well known top actress (Sanjeeda Shaikh).

After receiving her award, Kamini goes on to reveal how she is a simple girl who craves for basic happy moments like fighting for the last piece of chocolate, sleeping in her mom's lap and is on the lookout for true love, and is so not the person standing all decked up and with makeup on, on the stage.

Impressed by Kamini's words, the Maharaja tells her that she is a thief as she had managed to steal his words and feelings post which Kamini and Madhav part ways on stage.

What impressed us:

The makers successfully manage to make us curious about how will Madhav and Kamini eventually fall in love.

Also, Sanjeeda and Keith's characters ooze chemistry in tons and their pairing according to us, has a lot of scope, but that can be said only after the show goes on air.

Also, the dialogues are a bit cheesy for our taste, but then if you were to woo an actress, you gotta be cheesy right?


Sanjeeda and Keith look great together and their jodi also looks promising. With the makers already intriguing us with how a married Madhav and an ambitious Kamini fall in love, the show is also something that many people will look forward to.

Ratings (***) 3 stars

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host 2017-04-22T13:38:29Z You have given it only three stars but its worth much more
Shaina_b 2017-04-22T12:54:09Z Can't figure out what the story is about!!!!

Is he already married??

Alikhan2158 2017-04-22T10:08:26Z I really can't wait for Love Ka Hai Intezaar. Pls mention more about Preetika Rao's role as we have been waiting for her comeback the longest. I do know that she will enter the show a month after it goes on air. I don't think she will play Sanjeeda's daughter. All the best to the amazing cast including, Sanjeeda Sheikh, Sara Arfeen Khan, Preetika Rao, Keith Sequiera and Natasha Rastogi, all whom I love. Star Plus, pls announce the on air date and timeslot asap
Sherlock12 2017-04-22T05:37:29Z Sorry, but u said everything positive about the show, but still gave it only 3 stars?...

The promo is gokd enough to get atleast 4...
Anyways the couple is looking amazing together with keith looking as handsome as it could get and sanjeeda looking so lavish and beautiful... Hope the show comes out good and stands up to our expectations...

Also, gehraayian is going on amazing... Its one of those few shows that i watch on youtube... Dying for the next episode of it... When will it come?
ajay227 2017-04-22T05:33:26Z Nice promo...Sanjeeda&Keith look good...But what Abt Preetika Rao's role...I am waiting for her comeback!!!All d best to the cast!!
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