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#PromoReview: Patiala Babes is a REFRESHING TAKE on the new age Mother-Daughter bond!

The Sony TV show has potential.


Sony TV is one such channel that has always treated its audience to a variety of content, be it mythological or thriller or family dramas etc. However, the channel has made sure that the stories that they are showcasing always ring a bell and are relatable to their audience.

And the next offering that the channel has for its audience is Patiala Babes. The show marks actress Paridhi Sharma's comeback to television after Jodhaa Akbar. The show also stars Anirudh Dave and Ashnoor Kaur in the lead roles.

Here's a small analysis of how we feel about the first promo of the show.

What is the promo about?

The promo starts with a worried mother reading a newspaper and questioning her daughter if she knows how many people die these days in road accidents, as the latter is coaxing the former to learn how to drive a two-wheeler. To that, her teenage daughter Mini (Ashnoor Kaur) assures her that nothing will happen. And then when the mother questions her on the same, Mini tells her that as her mother has taught her how to walk, she is going to teach her mother how to fly.

What we liked:

The casting seems perfect with Paridhi playing the timid mother and Ashnoor playing the outspoken daughter just fits. And they look convincing too on screen.

The entire conversation between the mother and daughter is a refreshing take on the new age mother-daughter relationships, and it is some much needed change of content.

What we did not like:

It is too soon or us to point out any flaws in the promo. So far so good!


The concept of the show intrigues us and the first promo has has won us over. Keeping in mind the changing mind set of the audience today, we feel that the show might get the acceptance that it deserves.

Ratings: **** (4/5)

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Jannavi 2018-10-03T01:53:16Z paridhi looks perfect as usual cant wait of show to start rocks... patiala babes
Gagani 2018-10-03T00:41:52Z Excited for Patiala Babes. Hope it takes 8 pm slot nd replace Porus2018-10-03 00:42:25
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