#Promo Review: Nia Sharma's Sexy, And Enigmatic Web Series crackles with Mystery

Here's what we thought of the most awaited web series' promo.

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Nia Sharma has done a fair share of teasing with the photo shoots and pictures from her newest venture. The actress will star in a Web Series produced by Vikram Bhatt. Titled 'Twisted', the series promises a ride on the darker side. 

It begins with a heavily crowded club as the camera pans in to reveal Namit Khanna looking directly at Nia Sharma from across the bar. They make eye contact as they sip on their drinks and we see a crackling tension between them right from the beginning. 

Nia Sharma's character leaves a note which is picked up by our male lead as he follows her up the stairs. Notice how the backdrop has a webbed decor, giving off the sense of a trap? This adds to the sexy mystery which is furthered by the two characters getting intimate. 

The mysterious woman leads the man up to a room where they begin to play a game of cards. But, it's the game that has a 'twist' to it. The rule requires one to strip, taking off a layer of clothing each time they lose a point. 

The steamy game of cards naturally leads to some kissing and the camera zooms out to a wider shot. Here, again, the bars of the window repeat the motive of 'entrapment'. 

What's good?
Everything from the colors, lighting and set-up spells 'Noir'. The promo has an air of mystery around it and it is evident; ranging from the dark lips to the setting. It puts the theme out really well. And, with Vikram Bhatt behind the scenes, we can expect a good load of thrills! The trailer has no dialogues which adds to the enigma. The viewers are left to wonder what's up and that may just work in their favour!

What's confusing?
The video does a good job at building intrigue but the quick succession may not work out in leading the viewer into a mystery. While we are thrilled with the peek, we doubt it had to be such a long one (Think). Will the show have enough cards left to play with the characters locking lips in the very beginning? Let's watch out.

The Verdict:
The promo has a sexy air of mystery, darkness and everything 'twisted'. While the teasers only highlight Nia Sharma, we are pretty impressed with Namit Khanna too. He maintains a seductive charm that stands its own ground against Nia's. 

The show looks like the beginning of an eerily placed chemistry. The characters though engrossed with each other seem aloof and competitive in their exchange, which is rather exciting. 

What happens next? What's the deal between the two? These are just some of the questions we are hoping to have answers to once the series goes on-air.

Ratings **** (4/5)

Check out the trailer below-

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nishalluv 4 years ago Hot Nia Sharma love you all the best Nia
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Come back soon
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