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PROMO REVIEW: Apart from Kritika Kamra, NOTHING impresses in Chandrakanta!

In the analysis below, we'll give you every justification for our title.


Life OK's Prem Ya Paheli? - Chandrakanta upped the expectations riding on it when they roped in actress Kritika Kamra for the titular role. The show was already in the news since its inception because Colors channel is developing a similar concept.

Colors is developing the concept along with Balaji Telefilms and Life OK with Nikhil Sinha's Triangle Productions. Both the channels launched their respective first teasers around the same time. And while Balaji is yet to lock down their leads, Life OK has already launched their first promo starring Kritika and this is how it has fared.

The promo starts with a very seductive entry of Princess Chandrakanta(Kritika Kamra). The voiceover mentions as to how is her beauty renowned and legendary. We then get a glimpse of how two princes who feel that they have a right to OBTAIN' Princess Chandrakanta (Very Male Chauvinistic).

In the midst of all this, Princess Chandrakanta gets advised by Sudesh Berry's character that it's only Virendra who can save her from this evil world and offers her a way to a door. But then the voice over suggests that maybe or maybe not, this is a trap.

What's Not Good:

Pretty much everything.

None of the supporting actors is 'acting' well in the promo. Either they are underplaying their respective character or are over playing it.

The voice over is not as strong as it should have been. Any voice over should have a strong voice that narrates the story and captivates the audience, but this...

And again, the VFX could have been way better but the saving grace here is the fact that the VFX were way better than the likes of 'Naagin' franchise as it appears.

Also, the music and background score of the show is as cliche as it gets.

What's Good:

Even though there were no dialogues, Kritika Kamra's presence alone was the savior in the promo.

Amidst all this, the grandeur of the show is also evident, as the scale seems opulent. Though this is a good point for the show, we have witnessed that this factor doesn't always 'work' for the show.

Also, after all of the above, the makers managed to keep the mystery factor alive towards the end of the promo.


The first promo has turned out to be a great disappointment for people who had great expectations from it. If you ask us, the first promo has taught us not to keep extremely high expectations from the second promo. But, we are keeping our fingers crossed for the next one.

Ratings: ** (2.5 stars)

Check out the promo here:

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naturesk 2017-05-20T07:48:12Z I come back here to appreciate life ok's chandrakanta after the writer of this report has given more stars to color's pathetic attempt of making Chandrakanta, with scenes being copied from life ok. So much bias by this reporter, we are not dumb here.
shruthiravi 2017-02-17T02:16:19Z What is wrong with the promo. It looks good and intriguing
angel_juhi04 2017-02-09T21:35:40Z Why don't the writer talk about other hundreds of shows which really have male chauvinism and women degradation? If this show is male chauvinism then what this writer has to say about other so-called shows of past and present that were considered popular? These days IF writers are very dumb.
KK84 2017-02-09T14:14:34Z How can you make such a harsh conclusion based on a promo. Have some compassion. There are probs so many people who are working so hard to make a show and how quick are you to make a judgement- no one should put others hard work down when the programme isn't even aired yet.
LawlessLawyer 2017-02-09T14:09:53Z Perhaps IF is biased.I am sure they are gonna sing praises of Colors Chandrakanta which is by Balaji.
But the audience is smart enough to differentiate between good content and bad content.

Loving Kritika Kamra and Gaurav Khanna and eagerly looking forward to the show.
priya120 2017-02-09T13:52:29Z Before you start criticizing other people's work, fix your work first.
Vishdrmzzz 2017-02-09T11:35:48Z I guess u guys r biased towards colors channel tge promo is awsm n gaurav khanna was just awsm in it...loved kritika too
naturesk 2017-02-09T11:10:56Z I loved it very much! They got all good actors in place, do not know what you guys are talking about (maybe you want to root for colors chandrakanta? Which i am sure is going to butcher the novel). Life ok will do a perfect job with this show, i am very confident about that
LawlessLawyer 2017-02-09T10:03:01Z I feel that the writer of this article knows nothing about Chandrakanta's story.Male chauvinistic seriously?? Chandrakanta was about the love story between Chandrakanta and Virendra and the two other men who wanted to obtain her.This is not some plot twist.This was already a part of the story.

It's too early to judge the show.Nikhil Sinha has always excelled in costume dramas and periodic shows and I am sure that this one will be excellent too.

Kritika Kamra looked gorgeous as Chandrakanta.I am sure she will deliver a superb performance.So will the rest of the cast.2017-02-09 10:03:36
Shaina_b 2017-02-09T08:43:48Z I don't expect much from Life OK!!!!

But I will try this just for the original Chandrakanta!!!!

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