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Priyanka reveals why she was Restricted by Father Dr. Ashok for wearing Tight outfits or Western wear!

Priyanka Chopra reasons why she was restricted from wearing tight outfits by father Dr. Ashok Chopra and revealed how she came in terms with his restrictions...


Priyanka Chopra’s talent and sheer hard work landed her on a global platform and now she has been a part of Hollywood for some time now. However, during a recent interaction, she recalled that Dr. Ashok Chopra would not approve of her western style of outfits told her to refrain from wearing tight clothes.

PeeCee hailed from Bariley and it was one of the reasons why she was restricted from wearing tight outfits. Talking to SpotboyE her mother, Dr. Madhu Chopra has talked about why her husband had put those restrictions on Priyanka.

It seems Madhu has been very proud of her daughter who never disobeyed her requests and instantly started opting for more modest outfits. 

You see she was 15/16 and had returned from the US. My husband simply didn’t approve of the glamorous western wear that she had started donning. You see, we were in Rai Barelli then. And trust me, ek din bolne ke baad, she came to her Indian wear. She never hurt us. She is a very intelligent girl.

- Madhu Chopra

Earlier, in an interview with Tatler magazine, PeeCee opened up about her teen years in the US and how her father was confused when she returned to India as an ‘almost woman’ at 16.

I’d left as a 12-year-old flat-chested, curly-haired kid and I came back as a 16-year-old almost-woman. I think my dad was really shaken up by that. He didn’t know what to do with me for the first couple of weeks.

- Priyanka Chopra

Furthermore, Priyanka also recalled how boys followed her from school and her father ended up putting bars on her windows and told her not to wear tight clothes. 

“We had a big clash of egos,” she said. But he later came around and supported her in her decisions. Recalling his words, she said quoted him saying, “No matter what you do, good, bad, or ugly, you can come and tell me. I will help you fix it. I won’t judge you, I will always be in your corner. I’ll always be on your team.”

Currently, PeeCee is in Los Angeles, US with her husband Nick Jonas as they are under lockdown due to the spread of COVID-19. She also said that she is constantly in touch with her mother, “Yes, the situation in the US is very bad. I am on Face time with her, quite a few times in the day.” Recently, she made a contribution to the PM Cares Fund and issued an official statement about the same on her Instagram handle. 

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