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Priyanka Chopra TROLLED again for her OUTFIT!

Priyanka Chopra trolled on social media again for her outfit!


Bollywood beauty Priyanka Chopra is on vacation mode! The actress is holidaying in Prague. The actress has been sharing pictures on her Instagram to keep her fans updated!

However, her recent post didn't go well with her fans. She posed for a picture where she is wearing a multicolored outfit which made people comment on it!

Here's what she posted:

Here are few comments posted by the haters:


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latanzia 3 years ago good lord what the hell was she thinking or was she drunk. Girl needs to get rid of her stylist
fatty112 3 years ago its so hard for IF to find content these days that they take screenshots of stupid internet trolls and post it as an article. Haha. nice!!
shristi0706 3 years ago IF u r posting articles from the social media accounts of the celebrities?? Really.. .. Well, in tht case you will see for yourself tht every celebrity is trolled - be it for their clothes or their personal lives... Please don't give so much importance to comments by cyber bullies.
AraBearxo 3 years ago Kya din aa gaye yaar IF? Now you hunt through the comment section and post screenshots of two three comments there and article for trolling? These comments you'll find on any celebrity profile. Please better yourself. Calling you a joke is worse than a joke now.
rink80 3 years ago I like PC but seriously what in the world is she wearing?!?
Sanskruthi 3 years ago Now this is a limit... IF started making articles ofpublic reaction on something trival! She shows off her legs you make an article, she is covered up to her toes yet you make article in her dress... Its limit, get a standard for your articlesStern Smile
ChickenSoup 3 years ago These celebrities wear these dresses for attention and these are the kind of attention they aim for. People need to realize that and stop giving these loser celebrities attention.
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