Priyamani's bold stand on 'Article 370': It's more than just propaganda

Priyamani recently opened up on her initial lack of awareness about the historical mission.

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 Priyamani's bold stand on 'Article 370': It's more than just propaganda

Priyamani, the versatile actress, has captivated audiences not only in South India but across the nation. Renowned for her stellar performances in acclaimed series like "The Family Man" and films like "Jawan" alongside Shah Rukh Khan, she continues to shine in the spotlight. Her recent venture, "Article 370," alongside Yami Gautam, has garnered praise for her impactful portrayal.

In a recent interview with News18, Priyamani shared her perspective on her decision to join the cast of "Article 370" and shed light on the importance of bringing such stories to the forefront. Admitting her initial lack of awareness about the historical mission, she emphasized the significance of raising awareness and shedding light on lesser-known events.

Addressing the criticism labelling the film as 'propaganda,' Priyamani highlighted saying,“The film didn’t take any cinematic liberty, which is a very common usage in cinema. Whatever has been shown is based on real incidents. Some people may have good things to say about it, some may not like it, but our mission is to create this awareness amongst people.”

Priyamani also lauded her co-star Yami Gautam's performance, acknowledging her transformation into an action-oriented role. Reflecting on their collaboration, she praised Yami's versatility and effortless portrayal in the film.

Prior to "Article 370," Priyamani made waves with her role in Shah Rukh Khan's "Jawan," directed by Atlee. With an impressive ensemble cast, the film marked her presence in Bollywood. Up next, she is set to grace the screen in Ajay Devgn's "Maidaan," a biographical drama directed by Amit Sharma, and will reprise her role in the highly anticipated third season of "The Family Man."

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I am glad she is gaining recognition

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