Prithviraj Chauhan to end on March 15th..

Sagar Arts' epic drama on the life of the warrior Prithviraj Chauhan will be going off air on March 15th...

Star Plus' epic show 'Dharti Ka Veer Yodha Prithviraj Chauhan' will see its logical end in the next few weeks.

According to our reliable source, "The last episodes have been shot very well, and the epic show that has garnered immense appreciation from masses will see a breathtaking end on March 15th".

As we reported earlier, the successful Sagar Arts show will end with the very painful death of the great warrior Prithviraj Chauhan, played by Anas Rashid.

We tried calling Meenakshi Sagar of Sagar Arts, but she said, "You need to contact the channel to find the last date. We cannot comment on this".

However, we could not get any reply from the channel heads on the same.

Well, the month of March certainly seems to be a bad month for the long-running shows on Star Plus…

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14 years ago

lozzz u guys naa...well sad but true PRC going off air..it deserve tht after this story line...hope will get to see A PROPOER ENDING!! of PRITHVI

15 years ago

hmmm...i think that it derseve to be ended...
its well that they dont streach the shows as Ekta do

15 years ago

Such a shame that they are ending this show - it will be missed

15 years ago

I hope all sagars shows, shakuntala go flop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
thats wat they deserve after giving prcians a lot of grief to mourn about

15 years ago

I AM REALLY HATING SAGARS FOR ending the show so soon,so much is left to b shown ,

sagars really broke the hearts of prithvi raj chauhans fans !!!!

15 years ago

well, i luved this show... but like all good things this also has to end....

15 years ago

sad ... i used to watch this show at one point...when i had rt... after a while it started to drag so i lost interest

15 years ago

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