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Preksha Mehta's Friend Says Work Was Not The Cause Of Her Suicide!

Preksha Mehta's Suicide: Actress' Close Friend Says, 'I Don't Agree That She Took Her Life Because Of Work Stress'


The suicide cases, especially in the entertainment industry is a big cause of concern. 

Just yesterday, news of another actress from the world of television, Preksha Mehta committing suicide shocked many. She was a regular in Crime Patrol episodes.

The 25-year-old actress hung herself from a ceiling fan on Monday night, at her home in Indore, and media reports claimed that she took the drastic step due to lack of work. But in her one-page suicide note, Preksha has not mentioned any specific reason. 

Now speaking to her close friend, Aatm Prakash Mishra, who is also an actor and recently was seen in a web show, Jamtara, he said that he doesn't believe that she committed suicide because of lack of work. 

Talking about knowing Preksha, he revealed, "She was my junior from drama school in Bhopal and we knew each other from last one and a half year. We were always in touch. In fact, we spoke over the phone, just a week ago and she was sounding all fine."

He also talked about why he thinks she committed suicide, "I really don't know but the kind of person she was, I could never believe she can give up on life so easily. Not only me but all our common friends and colleagues are in shock. She was the one who used to always feel motivated even in others' achievement. She was a very positive soul and strong-headed person. If she has ended her life, you can imagine how strongly she must have convinced herself to not speak to anyone about it."

Talking about if he thinks she took such a step due to her work, he revealed, "She was not out of work. Her movie Sakkha was supposed to release which definitely got delayed due to lockdown but that can't be a reason to commit suicide. She was doing really well in theatre from last 4 years. Yes, she was part of a few V shows like Crime Patrol and others, but that was not her only identity. So, I really don't agree that she killed herself due to her career. And I really want people to know this."

He continued, "There can be multiple reasons. Due to lockdown, everyone is stressed about their work and economy but that doesn't mean one will commit suicide. She was staying with her family right now and we don't know what all was going in her mind which made her take such a step. She comes from a decent family and had many friends so aisa bhi nahi tha vo akeli thi. She was also not struggling for survival. She left us with a lot many questions in our mind and I am really upset with her for doing this. I wish she could have discussed with me, I would have not let her go."

When asked if he spoke to her family, he said, "No, I really don't know what to talk to them at the moment."

He also recalled the last time he met the actress, "I think first week of March. I was going Pune and before that, we caught up and spent almost two hours together. At that time she had also just came back from a shoot in Goa. She was very happy and then she had discussed a lot of projects with me. I also told her if I find something apt, I will keep her posted. She was managing herself quite well in a city like Mumbai."


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