Preeti Amin's cameo ends abruptly in Khoobsurat!

TellyBuzz digs deep into the matter as to what went wrong with the character of Aanisha that it had to be cut short so soon! Read on to know more.

"Ruchita Mishra"
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Preeti Amin who was a part of LapataGanj season one on SAB TV  and also seen in Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein on ZEE TV was till recently doing a cameo in Shashi Sumeet Mittal Productions Dil Ke Nazar Se Khoobsurat. She was seen as Aanisha, a fan of RJ Madhav.

However, her cameo came to an abrupt end this week.

We got to know more about it from a very reliable source, "This sweet and bubbly actress was enjoying her role as it was quite diverse and she had lots to express in the show as a fan. She had the craziness, the excitement, everything but her role ended all of a  sudden."

Our source also said, "Preeti was offered the role of Aanisha and it was a month long cameo. There were many ups and downs in the story line related to Aanisha's act but things didn't work out the way she was told. Her role suddenly ended and she wasn't even told that her stint will end in the show. She was quite shaken when she was told two days before the last scene."

"She did speak to the creative team and they said they will work on the script but within barely 10-12 days her role came to an end."

We contacted Preeti Amin who said, "My role ended quite abruptly which I wasn't aware off! I didn't really understand what went wrong and what happened! I wasn't even informed either. I knew from the start that it's a cameo and it would last for some time. I can't say anything much about it only that I can't believe this happened."