Pravisht Mishra of Barrister Babu: I am grateful for whatever has happened with me during this entire journey

Pravisht Mishra spoke to India Forums on the love that he has received from the fans and their reaction on the show going off-air.

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Pravisht Mishra

Pravisht Mishra aka Anirudh from Barrister Babu has managed to win hearts through his performance in the show. While the actor continues to garner a lot of applause, the team will be shooting for their last episode today. India Forums spoke to Pravisht about the response from the fans as well as their reaction on the news.

He tells us, ''Talking about the response of the show, it is very overwhelming and grateful, I am grateful for whatever has happened with me during this entire journey and it just feels very good and very lucky to be loved in such a way and the numbers have only grown. I just want to give all the love back to people who have been supporting me during this journey.''

About the reaction of people, he adds, ''Quite a few fans are around 14-18 years also, those who message me on Instagram. I see a lot of people are impulsive and ask why is the show going off-air, etc, but I also saw a lot of maturity among the people who send me messages. Quite a lot of people said that it has to end someday, a little sooner maybe, but Pravisht has to get something better and bigger, I am just very astonished and happy with the maturity people are taking this news. I just feel good that there is acceptance and it is just not emotional, there is thought, maturity, etc and that's what I like and promote in life, a balance as a whole which I see in people who message me. I am very happy about it. However, how much happy I am, the show ending does leave me with remorse.''

Well, fans of the actor are thoroughly overwhelmed with his words and we are sure this is no different.

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