Pratigya critical after taking the bullet..

A huge twist is in store for viewers in Star Plus' Pratigya after Pratigya gets accidentally hit by the bullet..

Star Plus' Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya is in for a major twist in tonight's episode wherein Pratigya (Pooja Gor) will accidentally be hit by a bullet.

As per the ongoing track, Krishna (Arhaan Behll) wants to avenge Radhe (Manmohan Tiwari) for misbehaving with his wife on the day of Holi. Krishna with a gun in his hand goes out looking for Radhe. Pratigya wants to stop him as she does not want her husband to fall into any major problem.

Our source states, "After a long search, Pratigya spots Krishna and Radhe having a fight in a certain area. Both are injured and the scene is pretty much ugly. She steps in to stop the fight when Krishna fires the gun with his aim towards Radhe. But with Pratigya intervening at the right moment, the bullet goes thro' her chest".

We hear that the creative team is planning a huge twist in the tale in the coming episodes.

"Pratigya will be shown in a critical condition; her left lung is completely bruised as a result of which her breathing is hampered. She will soon need a surgery and will also be kept alive with ventilator support. While all this is going on, Krishna will be a troubled man and the manner in which he reacts to the whole situation will also provide for a twist in the tale", adds our source.

When contacted, Pooja Gor tells us, "Yes, it is true that Pratigya is shot. She will be in a critical condition, and that is what I can tell you. There is a big twist in store for viewers".

Will Pratigya breathe her last?

Catch the new twists in Pratigya...

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh

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loveuuuuuuuuu pooja & arhaan both r doing wonderfull job brillent keep it up

13 years ago

pooja i loveeeeee acting it superbbbbbb dear & arhaan is also superbbbb keep it up & GOD BLESS both of u

13 years ago

keep rocking:):):):):):):):):):)

13 years ago

good track started after this love it..................

13 years ago

v want nthng odr than kriya union. Plz cvs don't go crack in the name of twist.

13 years ago

Pratigya get well soon!!
Krishna needs you...

13 years ago

plzzzz no separation of kriya............

13 years ago

want kriya togather now with happy moments, love u kriya, u rocks.

13 years ago

loveuuuuuuuuu Pooja & Arhaan.........

13 years ago

plse dont create rift between kriya, want prats to be well soon with krishna.

13 years ago

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