Popular Colors show set to go OFF-AIR, CONFIRMS LEAD actor!

After a decent run of one year, this popular 'Colors' show will end next month...

Colors TV's popular show 'Roop - Mard Ka Naya Swaroop', featuring Shashank Vyas and Donal Bisht in lead roles of 'Roop' and 'Ishika' respectively, started last year in May with huge expectations. However, the show failed to garner expected numbers and recently various reports suggested that the show will go off-air next month, in the second week of May. Now,'Roop' lead actor Shashank Vyas too has confirmed that the show is indeed going off-air after a decent run of one year.

Speaking about the same, Shashank Vyas told a leading daily that, 'Roop' is ending as every good thing comes to an end. The actor is satisfied as he played the title role. The character of Roop' was different from Shashank Vyas' previous roles and he gave his best to the show. As an actor, he will make sure that he chooses different roles in future as well.

He further added that he got encouraging feedback for the show which showcased him in a different light. Every actor feels sad when a serial ends but the show must go on.

On the career front, Shashank Vyas made his TV debut with the super hit show Balika Vadhu post which he went on to play an important role in Star Plus show 'Jaana Na Dil Se Door'. The actor has always received appreciation for his performance in the shows and we hope that he'll soon come back on TV with another impactful character.  

Are you going to miss seeing Roop & Ishika on TV? Tell us in the comments section below!

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Comments (15)

I will miss Kreetika Sharma (Kinjal) & Donal Bisht (Ishika). Hope they will be back soon. Shubhanshi Singh (Jigna) & Shashank Vyas (Roop) was good.

4 years ago

Really sad u guys think of d accident coursed by him not all d goodies he has done to Indians n social service we r not Indians but we kw d difference n u guys don't kw

8 years ago

I cannot believe I am making a comment on this.

Despite what Salman is now, the fact is clear: he was drunk and got behind the wheel of his car. That is a crime right there.

He endangered ppl's lives. And sadly that time, someone was injured.

Yes I think the incident changed him. Does that mean that years later, he in not culpable? No. He is.

Despite how ever long the case took, Salman has been free to enjoy his life, spend time with family, start an organization to assist ppl. He had time. The victims would have loved to have that time too.

And what is this business about Salman compensating the families?? What is that? Be very careful ppl. You are putting a monetary figure on a human beings life.

You are saying that rich ppl can do a crime and then compensate and move on. YES that is the message you are saying.

And the next time a rich man's son runs over someone or rapes a girl, and throws money on it - PLEASE at that point do not get on your high horse to condemn it.

It is sad that the court case took so many years to resolve.

It is sad that Salman will be going to jail.

But he is guilty. Bottom line.

8 years ago

Finally, the right verdict is given! Its about time too!
Just because he is a celeb, his bad deed cannot go unpunished.

8 years ago

no doubt that salman is a good human being but if he has done the crime then he has to take the blame
this verdict proves that before law everybody are equal there is no rich or poor..like this all the corrupted politicians should be punished under the law

8 years ago

God bless the victims! Hope the judgement is right.

8 years ago

bohot acha hua.he should be punishd 10 year.long live imdian judiciary.

8 years ago

I am feeling so bad hearing dis...he shldnt be punished...where r d laws 4 dose rapists who r moving freely..shiney ahujaa..ankit tiwari...nd d biggest one narendra modi who killed thousands of muslims in babri masjid...and a mistake by salman dey made sch a big issue...he is even ready 2 pay d compensation whch d victims r demanding...nd 4 d losers who r commenting aganist salman hve noffin gud 2 do...dey r d kind of people ecery tym a movie review or anythng about any celebrity they cme 2 bash...dis shows dat india is all about dumbasses

8 years ago

well it is about time, he got the just punishment.
I really don't understand how people can say this judgement is not fair, it is very fair, if you commit a crime you must be punish no matter who u are.

8 years ago

He might b culprit but compensation is d best going to jail
Will never bring back d dead nor d victim live a life of luxury. Given them we they need is d best not jail

8 years ago

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