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Pick of the Week -September 17th -21st

From the happenings in the serials, we pick Top 3 of the popular serials..as we will keep a close eye on their each and every step,every week!

Published: Saturday,Sep 22, 2007 22:13 PM GMT-06:00
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We are back with the All-Famous Pick of the week !! So get ready for the "Special Tadka"!! with our new Addition "Blooper of the Week Award" which will be given to the most Shocking Blooper shown in a serial!

Kasamh Se

Scene of the Week :

Jai Walia’s very outburst, the way he breaks down before his friend, blaming himself for destroying so many people’s lives, their dreams and aspirations, and how this failure kept him awake most nights. He also states that he has been unable to keep his family together and happy as well. A very good scene after a long time and Ram Kapoor is back in his elements.

Style Icon of the Week:

Has to be Krishnaa, Jai and Bani’s daughter. This kid is cute beyond measure and her heart-shaped face, almond-shaped eyes, curly hair, sweet smile, flying kisses and partially incomprehensible speech, makes her the ultimate choice – the Style Kiddo over here.

Blooper of the Week :

The three sisters's house in was destroyed by Ranveer long time back on the orders of Jai Walia ,but Later Jai had ordered Ranveer to rebuild the house again at the same spot and nothing was to be amiss. Years later, now when the three sisters return to their house in for a variety of reasons, they find the interior of the house in the same condition as before!!! How come? Ranveer may have been forced to re-build the house, but how would he manage to get all the stuff inside in the same position, including the dust. Wonder whether Ranveer had taken snaps of each nook and cranny of the house before ordering the demolition. Here extra carefulness of creatives lead to their misery!

Thodi Khushi thode Gham

Scene of the Week:

It has to be the one where Jyoti is exposed as the spy of Manshukh.The viewers are given the idea that it is either Faiba or Bhavna because they are shown to behave really weirdly, the viewers do get a little jolt when they find out it is none other than Jyoti Bahu!

Style Icon of the Week:

Sneha!!! Her lavishing sarees and the way she tackles Baujii , her confidence when she faces each hurdle, obstacles and challenges makes her stand out amongst the others!

Blooper of the Week:

Mansukh had died long ago in the show and her widow used to wear white saree, but now as the mystery got revealed to his wife and Sneha that actually Dhansukh is Mansukh ,she has again started wearing gaudy sarees with full on makeup and jewellery and still ,her sons are not noticing the difference, nor asking any question to their mother! Hard to digest!!

Kumkum-Ek Pyara sa Bandhan

Scene of the Week :

Well, here we have a very unusual scene of the week, so we could say its not only scene of the week but SCENE OF THE MILLENIUM. When everybody turned their TV sets on to watch Kumkum , they saw i four new faces portraying the roles of Dhruv, Sharman, Neeti and Sia. The very first reaction that the regular viewers of this serial got was that, they are watching a different serial. All happened in a whisker, and the audience was taken aback, when they realised that their favourite actors have been replaced from the serial...

Style Icon of the Week:

Who else but Sumit for sure, not only he is looking good, but his love for Kumkum and the way he is searching her Kumkum in spite of being ill is mind-blowing.

Blooper of the Week:

Kumkum is not so young as they are showing her. She has two grown up children and she was to become grand mother soon, where as here in the village, director is showing her like a young girl and even they are arranging her marriage, with a boy who is probably an age-mate of her sons. They should understand that though she is young in real life, she is old in reel life. How could they ignore her “wrinkles” suggesting that she is probably aged 40+? Or is it that Kumkum has got a 'Vardaan' of being Young for life?

Looks Like Kahaani Ghar Ghar ki has become a permanent fixture in our Blooper category and trust us, this award is not rigged . We are considering its name in our Hall of Fame, as it is the most consistent recipient of our Blooper Award, kudos to the team working day in day out for the show and this week’s blooper from the show was :

On Sept. 18, when they show Methalli's court scene, characters like P2, Kasturi, Prachi, KT and Gauri were there and also Tulsi. Now, here's the WEIRD bit. Parvati's lawyer Rishika Rai Chaudhry is none other than Meera of KSBKBT. Remember Meera? Tulsi's worst enemy! Did Tulsi change her brain too when she changed her face? There wasn't any shock or expression on Tulsi's face when she saw Rishika... She didn't even recognize her.... Wow! What a miss, but unfortunately we cant miss such a golden opportunity to have a go at them!

Spotted by : natasshafan

Stay tuned for the Pick of the Week, every week only on Telly Buzz--buzzing already.., our weekly article from the world of Television shows. Special Thanks to Dev Team of IF for their Inputs!!

Concept: Nishtha

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tina srestra @tina_sre 16 years ago Thankx Nish....awesome!

Blooper of the week award is very well deserve.
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pomegranate @pomegranate 16 years ago wow after a long time I read about kasamh se the show is such a turn off :(. yeah krishnaa is so sweet and yeah I missed that epi when kt, gauri,kasturi,and p2 came but sounds pretty wierd.
Reply thumbs-up thumbs-down
memsaab @memsaab 16 years ago I have not watched that particular episode to comment on Raam Kapoor. Yes Krishna is chooooooo chweeet and pretty and I really love her more when she taaalks.

Yes they had pictures of Dixits' entire house as they were going to turn the house into a resort first, which Ranveer comes to know and make it in a way that Bani HAD to do the presentation for turning the house into a resort. They had 100% pics for the display. Jai comes to know about it later. They only burned down the house after Pea brain eloped with Pushkar and Jai wanted to hurt Bani's feelings.

TKTG: Bhavna had more reasons to be the culprit but since Mansukh did not act before Sneha for Jyoti like he did for Faiba and Bhavna, I had already guessed it.

KUMKUM: I dont watch the show anymore.. haven't watched a single episode hmmm since 2003 I think. Last episode I watched Kumkum was trying to get back her husband from the other girl (I think it was the girl who played Harsh's wife in Kyunki.. dunno long time back).

KGGK: Well Ekta repeats her actors a lot so I think it is fine as it was not KYUNKI but KGGK.. Only thing that bothers is she should have another girl doing the role than Meera as she was also an attorney in KYUNKI...
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*Resham* @*Resham* 16 years ago I loved the bloopers esp kk one..it was indeed a shock which still everyone is not recovering from...

Now only sukk left...
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AnotherMiracle @AnotherMiracle 16 years ago omg hahha funny bloopers specially the kggk one! lmao
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Maleka @StayStrong 16 years ago I like tht Kggk in the fixture of blooper category LOL

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priya @Iriss 16 years ago thanx
i m happy KS is atleast moving ahead
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sneha @*~sneha~* 16 years ago man krishna is extremely cute !!!! the KGGK blooper was soo dumb!!! thanks
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mitali patel @Mitu1228 16 years ago I m glad that KS is on this. Krishna really is the best, such a cutey. KGGK, man was thinkin the same thin, funny stuff, me tell u.
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Jessi @mz.jess 16 years ago kkkg one is jks,
same w. kasam se
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