Permanent Roommates' Sumeet Vyas on British show - Stupid Man, Smart Phone's Indian Edition!

The award winning reality show is about surviving in the wild...with a special celebrity guest


Stupid Man, Smart Phone is a British reality show that has a man going up against nature and it has won the best format award in Cannes. And the show, after taking on Poland, USA, UK, Norway and Morocco is set to come to India. 

The host is Permanent Roommates' Sumeet Vyas who has become quite a star on the digital platform. The show pits a man against machine as the actor will be left to survive with just his smartphone. With the company of a celebrity guest, the actor will be dropped in unfamiliar terrains to fend for himself. 
We are intrigued and Sumeet has been dropping glimpses of his journey on social media -
He seems to be fitting in well with his surroundings. And he has Evelyn Sharma for company -

A popular daily reported that Mandira Bedi, Milind Soman, Bani J, Manish Paul and Rajeev Khandelwal are set to be celebrity guests in the upcoming episodes on the reality show. The show is produced by Voot and BBC India. 

Looks interesting, doesn't it? 


Mandira Bedi Rajeev Khandelwal Milind Soman Manish Paul Sumeet Vyas Bani J Evelyn Sharma

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ana56 6 years ago get well soon shahrukh...
and what does salman mean by saying unke jaan pe hamla nahi hua?
anyways love u shahrukh... i always pray for ur health...

all the best for jai ho...
let s see if it can break dhoom 3 record lolz
flirtatious. 6 years ago well don't you have a heart of gold salman.
shillu.arshi 6 years ago god he is soo selfish
plzz see the latest article he is really not well even shooting is cancelled on friday
u always say being human where is ur humanity here

plzz do follow u say before anything.

get well soon srk
n get well soon u too sk
P.S: I m nt fan of any khan I m speaking abt humanity
2014-01-24 03:04:27
GobarMata 6 years ago Get Well soon SRK :)
n SALLU, you Rockkk..
Jai Ho!
patie 6 years ago Salman khan rocks all the best fr #Jai Ho ^_^
.sarvesh. 6 years ago Agree with him...if SRK is fine, then he's fine! What's the hullabaloo about? Haven't other actors had more serious injuries?? Don't stuntmen get injured regularly? Get well soon, SRK. Minus the fuss.
-Maryam.K- 6 years ago Shut up u self centered man salman!!! Hate him so much from every angle!! Today i went to thw cinemas with my bestie to watch frozen and when i saw the jai ho line there was only one indian standing and i couldnt stop laughing!! Love you Shah Rukh Khan the badshah of bolly!! Go to hell sallu!!
nasikarahman 6 years ago I hate u sallu.hw kan u b so self centrd man??????? C'mon ya dr is a limit everywer. Ds is heights ya.nyws hopng dat srk gets well soon.
Mrs.K.B.Sobti 6 years ago OMG!! did he really just say that?!?!
IF he did, thats really selfish of him!

i hope you get well soon SRK!!

khushboo_kzk 6 years ago Get well soon shahrukh. You always rocks
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