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Patiala Babes actress Ashnoor Kaur wants to explore more of Bollywood

Ashnoor Kaur gets talking about what is she looking forward to in terms of the next big thing in her career, reveals if she is willing to do web. Read on to know what did she have to say.


Patiala Babes actor Ashnoor Kaur started at an early age and has been a part of the industry for more than a decade. She has also been a part of Bollywood film Marmarziyaan. She has done some of the finest shows on television including the likes of Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha, and many others. 

And during a recent conversation, the actress spoke about what does she wants in her career post-Patiala Babes.

When asked what is the next project that she is looking at and when she will sign another project, she said, "Well, right now, Patiala Babes is doing really well so I am glad about that and we have managed to make a really special place in the hearts of the audiences. After this, I would like to explore more of Bollywood, more movies. I am waiting for a nice lead role that has nice performance-oriented scenes so that I get to learn and polish myself even more."

We also quizzed her if she is willing to take up web shows given that it quite the trend and that is what everyone is watching, and she said, "I have got quite some offers from the web as well but you know doing two projects at the same time, especially daily soap in which you are playing the lead, it gets a bit difficult. But let's see, if after Patiala Babes, I get a suitable web show that has good content, good storyline, I would love to."

The actress also revealed how she has been spending her time in quarantine in a chat earlier. 

She said, "Initially, during the first two-three days I was very happy because back then it wasn't going to be 21 days as such. I was happy that I will get a break from work because shooting for 12 hours, studies, workouts, it all gets very hectic. I just slept and I did not do anything during the first two-three days but now, with the ongoing lockdown, so I am like I want to get get out soon."

"Now that we are so habituated to that schedule, we become very restless but looking at the positive side, I am trying to make this time as productive as possible. 

She added "My online classes have just started so that is what has been keeping me busy and before that, I was helping my mom with the house chores. I tried to learn chess and then I gave up. I have been watching Netflix, I have been reading some novels, so that is about my time."

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