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Parmeet to confess his crime in Bani- Ishq Da Kalma!

Gear up to watch the most awaited track in Colors’ popular show Bani - Ishq Da Kalma as Parmeet will confess his crime in front of Bani and his family members.

The time has come in Colors' popular show Bani - Ishq Da Kalma to unveil the real motive of Bani aka Maya (Shefali Sharma) who will force Parmeet (Gaurav Chaudhary) to confess for making an attempt to kill her in the show.

As per the current track the audience has witnessed that Bani now seen as Maya is playing tricks to trap Parmeet in her plan so that he confesses his crime in front of the entire family. She tried to scare him by calling him with an unknown number, by reminding him about the mysterious secret of number 13 and many more similar activities with the help of Guggi (Rishi Dev) so that he doesn't understand anything and speak the truth out of fear.

Now Bani will trick Parmeet which will make him confess his crime and on realizing his mistake he will ask Bani to forgive him.

Our reliable source says, "Bani who has turned Maya will hatch a plan for Parmeet in a similar manner the way he had planned to kill her. She will plan a picnic along with the entire Bhullar family and she will insist Parmeet to accompany her on a boat ride. During the boat ride Maya will execute her plan successfully and cunningly by creating some mess and Parmeet will fall into prey of the plan. He will fall into the water and thus out of fear he will confess his crime that he had killed Bani and entire Bhullar family will be in a state of shock to hear this. This is how Bani will succeed in her plan."

We contacted Shefali Sharma to know more about the track she said, "Yes the most awaited track is about to come. It will be very interesting for our audience to see that what situation Maya will create to throw Parmeet in the water and what will be the reaction of the family members after knowing the truth. I cannot say everything right now because I want my audience to watch our show to know the complete track. We have started shooting for this sequence at Chhota Kashmir."

Will Bani forgive Parmeet? How will Bhullar family react when they get to know the truth about Parmeet?

The upcoming track will unfold answers to these questions. Till then keep reading this space.



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deejagi 6 years ago Atlast we will be relieved of this Parmeet and ghost track.
Shaina_b 6 years ago I hope she does not accept him back!!!!

That would be really regressive!!!!!

sailuja 6 years ago thanx god lastly maya revenge track is going to ende up .. but cv we want to see sohum-rajji proper story
Stark_Wolf 6 years ago finally pathetic revenge track will come to an end! torture ends here cvs pls give us rajji sohum track!
Avika.Gor 6 years ago Shefali Sharma rocks, these days really love to see them as couple. Cant wait for thir better track.
nami9j 6 years ago now waiting for soji tracks to start and equal focus on them...
ukgal62 6 years ago Long overdue... Will be great to see what happens next!
BullsEye777 6 years ago Finally!!! That chapter will get closed..
angelic.pari 6 years ago oh thats good Smile finally permeet is going to confess but i hope he stays in the show Tongue i like bani n permeet's couple also rajji n sohem Smile
~Deep~ 9 years ago INDIA WON!! And what a win! I love how the whole team stand together through it all <3

@ author: you included Rahul Bose too! :P
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