Paras Madaan feels Beyhadh 2 could have done wonders if Jennifer agreed on moving to the web

Paras Madaan speaks about Beyhadh 2 going off-air, the reason it did not do well, and how it would have helped to move to the web.

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A lot of shows were pulled off-air when the lockdown first came into place and one such show also happened to be Jennifer Winget and Shivin Narang's Beyhadh 2. There were reports about the makers planning to move the show on the web, however, it did not happen. Reports have it that Jennifer wasn't keen on doing so, and recently, actor Paras Madaan, who was also a part of the show, spoke about the same to The Times of India.

Paras also spoke about the show going off-air and added how it did not do very well probably due to the constant twists and turns and also, the killing of main characters. He mentioned how the story changed a lot and though there was high viewership, it wasn't on TV, but on the web. He also went on to mention how the show could have done well on the web but when Jennifer Winget refused for that to happen, it wasn't going to work on TV. However, he also expressed gratitude for being paid on time despite the crisis situation.

He also spoke about what he feels regarding the sense of hesitation among actors to move to the web from TV, and added how he is someone who is in favour of it, and also reiterated how the show would have done wonders on the web if the move wasn't objected to.

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Comments (5)

yes the makers wanted to change to OTT,but jenni didnt agree

3 years ago

then why she did code m? though i am her fan,she did the same thing with bepannah..wish she agreed

3 years ago

That's really sad. Whatever the internal politics were, Beyhadh 2 deserved to get a logical ending, Now, one year has passed... It won't come back anyway...😔😔😔

3 years ago

Such a shrewd n looser this winget is. People always support her every action n I wish her so call popularity goes downfall n she become jobless. Most disgusting velle she is.

3 years ago

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