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Paras - "I love Mahira, I do but don't want to put a tag on our relationship"

Even after being asked multiple times about it, both of them have maintained that they love spending time with each other and don't want to put a tag on in.

Published: Friday,Apr 02, 2021 06:36 AM GMT-06:00
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Actors Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma became quite the talking point during their stint in Bigg Boss 13. While on one hand, Chhabra was in the conversation for his tumultuous relationship with Akanksha Puri, which ultimately broke off.

However, ever since Bigg Boss 13 ended, not only has Chhabra and Sharma managed to stick together all this time but have been extremely loved and have almost consecutively worked with each other. 

However even after being asked multiple times about it, both of them have maintained that they love spending time with each other and don't want to put a tag on in.

Talking about it with ETimes TV on length he said, Bigg Boss 13 fame Paras Chhabra and Mahira Sharma, who met on the reality show and developed a strong bond are often been linked to each other. However, the duo always denied link-up reports and maintained that they are just 'good friends'. Recently, while talking to ETimes TV, Paras Chhabra shared that they don't want to put a tag on their relationship and they are enjoying this phase. The actor feels often in relationships people tend to become controlling and they don't want ruin things for each other.

"Mahira and I are more than friends. We have become family. It necessary always to give a tag or put a tag on a relationship. I feel when you give a name or put a tag on a relationship, you become controlling. Right now, Mahira and I are in a stage of our career where we both are growing. We are enjoying this phase. If tomorrow we decide to be in a relationship, we might start controlling each other and interfering in career related matters. I might tell her don't do this, I don't like or she might tell me. So, we both have a better understanding now and we are very supportive of each other's careers. We don't want to rush and enter a relationship and then ruin things."

About his experience with relationships earlier, he said, "I have had some terrible experiences in the past and I can say from it that it's better we stay friends now and not rush. We like each other, trust is there and we want to support each other rather than stop from going ahead in life. We don't keep too many expectations from each other because all the problems start when we you are not able to to fulfill expectations. Then fights takes place and everything gets disturbed. Mahira is very understanding and she handles everything maturely "

Talking about love, he said, "No, I love Mahira. I do love her. My past relationships have taught me that when you are committed to someone, there are times you get controlling. There were times when I was stopped from taking up few shows. I was told don't do bold scenes, kissing scenes in web shows. I was introduced as a casanova in Bigg Boss 13 and tomorrow if I bag a web show I might be asked to do such scenes. I am not saying love making scenes but there are shows which have romantic kiss and that time I can't turned them down just because my partner doesn't want me to do it. It is my profession and there were times when I had to say no to projects when my partners were not happy. So, all these things create negativity in a relationship."

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