Pankaj Vishu aka Shrikant of Zee TV's 'Yeh Vaada Raha' Celebrated Diwali in an uncoventional way.

Pankaj Vishnu Celebarted Diwali with Adivasi people in a different way...

Seasoned actor Pankaj Vishnu, who is seen as Shrikant on Zee TV's 'Yeh Vaada Raha' celebrated Diwali this year in a different way.

Pankaj celebrated Diwali this year with Adivasi people, who stay near Dhanu (2 and half hours drive from Mumbai). Its a remote area, where there is no proper electricity and the tribe does not even have proper clothes to wear. Pankaj decided to celebrate Diwali with them.

We contacted Pankaj, who told Tellybuzz, " This Diwali was one of the best Diwali that I have ever celebrated. There is this foundation called 'Mitra Foundation', who work for the well being of these people. I was privileged to get an opportunity to visit them and talk to them. We burst crackers, had lots of sweets and also danced on their traditional folk dance and celebrated the festival together.

Their sweetest gesture, that really touched me was that they gifted me a handmade Varli Painting. As a human being, the whole experience was really satisfying. We usually celebrate grand Diwali, this was the first time when I got an opportunity to celebrate like this and I have decided that I shall regularly visit this place. Also, I will make sure that I get my family along with me, so that even they get to see how this people survive. In spite of having so many facilities, we still crib over petty issues."

Pankaj is back on the show and will have an interesting track coming up.

- Ranjini Nair

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