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Pani - Puri is my favorite mouth watering dish! - Pariva Pranati

Popular actress Pariva Pranati currently seen in Sony Pal's Hamari Sister Didi shares her love for food with TellyBuzz.

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As known to all, celebs of our tinsel town are very much conscious about their figure. Some of our TV celebs are known to be a foodie and one such big foodie is Pariva Pranati who is currently essaying the role of Dr. Amrita in Sony Pal's Hamari Sister Didi.

Are you a foodie?

I am a foodie actually but I eat limited.

What is your most preferred cuisine?

I like Chinese; I am quite fond of Chinese.

Your favorite mouth watering dish

I like Pani-Puri.

Which restaurant do you prefer?

Mainland China.

Do you like spending time in the kitchen?

Yes, I like to cook.

What is the most memorable kitchen moment, be it happy or a disastrous one?

I do not know whether it is a happy or a disastrous moment. My problem is that I cannot cook normal food. I have to try and experiment. I had cooked Butter Chicken for my family and aunts and all and it turned out quite well; they thought I had called from a restaurant. 

Which is your quick cheap healthy meal?

I like to cook with left over rotis. I make awesome sandwiches from those rotis.

If you have to take a celebrity on a date, who would it be?

I like Keanu Reeves a lot because he does a lot of charity and other than that I like Hugh Jackman a lot because he is very good looking and there is something nice about him.

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Orion 9 years ago lololol this has got to be the biggest joke of the new year 2012!!! =)) she's sooo fulll of herself!
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..Ananya.. 9 years ago It's called FREE KI PUBLICITY..:) When will she get over herself?
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ananyakai 9 years ago comparing urself wid amir n kat...hehe both of them r way better than u!!!
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