Pandya Store: Suman suffers a brain stroke

Pandya Store written update, 15 March 2024: the doctor updates Natasha on Suman's condition, attributing it to a brain stroke and advising her to spend time with Suman.

Pandya Store: Suman suffers a brain stroke
Suman from Pandya Store. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Tonight's Pandya Store episode begins with Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) attentively tending to Amba's needs. Amrish enters and inquires about Amba's well-being. Amba, distressed, explains that Isha departed with Chiku, yet nobody seems concerned for her while celebrations continue. Amrish callously acknowledges their indifference towards Isha and Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav), citing their alleged disrespect towards him, and insists on proceeding with the function. 

Dhawal, preoccupied, overlooks his ringing phone as he reassures Amba of their support, prompting her to join the festivities. Natasha desperately tries to reach Dhawal, expressing her urgent need for him, while Shesh and Mittu negotiate with an inspector to clear the path for their car. Despite initial refusal, the inspector relents after Shalini intervenes, allowing them to proceed. Meanwhile, Dolly, Pranali, and Hetal engage in food preparation, expressing concern for Natasha's safety. Dhawal arrives, inquiring about Natasha's whereabouts, while Pranali voices their fear of losing him if they breach their contract with Natasha. Natasha pleads with Suman to awaken as Amba notices Natasha's call on Dhawal's phone. Amidst the chaos, Dhawal's attention is diverted by Amrish, who insists on meeting with an investor.

Shesh blames Natasha and Chiku:

At the hospital, Shalini, Natasha, Shesh, and Mittu rush Suman for medical attention. The doctor hurriedly attends to Suman, directing her to the ICU. Shalini excuses herself from the situation, offering her assistance if needed, before departing. Overwhelmed with emotions, Natasha and her family embrace each other, grappling with Suman's critical condition. 

Meanwhile, a trivial dispute escalates into a brawl between two men, drawing the intervention of Chirag, Bhaven, Amrish, and Dhawal. Concerned for Natasha and Suman, Dhawal frantically searches for his phone to call Natasha. Meanwhile, the doctor updates Natasha on Suman's condition, attributing it to a brain stroke and advising her to spend time with her family. Natasha, consumed by guilt and grief, lashes out at the doctor, insisting on providing the best medical care for Suman. Shesh, visibly distraught, confronts Natasha, blaming her and Chiku for the current predicament and deciding to take Suman home. Natasha vehemently opposes, threatening drastic action if they proceed.

Precap for the next episode:

Natasha confronts Dhawal about Chiku's departure, Suman's deteriorating health, and her distressing conditions. Dhawal, taken aback, questions the source of Natasha's information, to which she reveals Amba's involvement, leaving him shocked and dismayed.

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