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Pandya Store: Raavi spills the beans; Malti ji and Dhara's relationship to be revealed

The upcoming track will see major drama where Raavi tells everyone in the family that Malti ji is Dhara's mother.

Published: Tuesday,May 30, 2023 14:17 PM GMT-06:00
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Pandya Store

Star Plus' show Pandya Store has kept the audience hooked with its current track. The show has been on the top of the TRP charts for a long time now and has managed to secure its spot in the Top 10 shows. And we have been keeping you updated with the happening of the show.

The latest we reported about Shivank, aka Arjun Singh Shekhawat, being shamed out in public by Dhara and all the ladies of the Pandya house for allegedly molesting Prerna. With that, he will be put behind bars. Well, this will mark the exit of Shivank from the show.

The upcoming track will see a major drama where Raavi tells everyone in the family that Malti ji is Dhara's mother. As is already seen how Shiva is desperate to marry Aarushi, so he blackmails Amma. He would even attempt suicide to persuade the family to get him to get married to Aarushi. Finally, Amma agrees to marry Shiva to Aarushi and meet her family. And before that a major truth will be revealed in front of the family, and all the house members get shocked.  

Will this truth create new havoc on the Pandya family?

Pandya Store  Star Plus 

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SAOkr @SAOkr 4 months ago the show started with raavi attempting suicide for dev.
now shiva is the one trying for suicide for another girl ?
what a 360 turn of characters.
why is he not being treated if mentally ill.
wonder how many more suicide threats are coming , from both these characters and how long they are gonna be tortured by family.
why is this show still on air ?
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T1268255 4 months ago This content is hidden.
spdp @spdp 4 months ago Exclusive!
Ok: good if Raavi tells right away to family about Dhara’s bhagodi & gobar Sis are out to ruin take some weird badla with Dhara but are after life of Shiva Raavi & mitthoo!

Dhara ke dushman after Raavi Ye toh repeat bakwas hai & ab kisiko nahin dekhna.

Arushi ko rakhna hai toh- let her go for gombi & dhara. Though this arushi character is unnecessary. They should have got better actor as bhagodi and got Hardikbhai back for dhara track.
Parallel playing separate ShiVi mitthoo memory revival track with other bacchas, dev & Rishita.

Watching Shiva acting this way is offputting. Not comedy.
This suicide trick part has already aired at length including idiotic family giving in to mentally sick 30+ married son + anxious Mitthoo’s father’s this suicide drama & instead of taking suicide prone patient to therapy/ hospital : tagging along with him to gobars house.
If they repeat this - (doubt, guess this is from old exclusive cutpaste article)
Show is doomed.
Trp girega.
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mpks1 @mpks1 4 months ago Shame on Shiva for using suicide attempt to blackmail the family to get his way. What a horrible human being! Instead of getting him treated, Suman is caving in to his demands. Both mother- sin are despicable👎
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mpks1 @mpks1 4 months ago Suman- staying true to her nature and ghatiya soch. She has always been like this from the beginning, nothing new. Why is Raavi still putting up with the nonsense? She should divorce Bailbuddhi and move on from him and this toxic family, Kandyas are the most pathetic family in this entire universe
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