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Pandya Store: Raavi and Shiva’s budding friendship; Shiva finds something fishy in his truck deal

While Raavi and Shiva’s relationship improves; he finds something fishy during the dealing of the truck.

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Shiva and Raavi

Star Plus show Pandya Store has got a loyal fan-following. People adore all the characters and couples in the show. Pandya Store is produced by Sphere Origins and has a stunning ensemble cast including Krutika Desai, Shiny Doshi, Kinshuk Mahajan, Kanwar Dhillon, Alice Kaushik, Akshay Kharodia, Simran Budharup, Mohit Parmar, Shrashty Maheshwari, Pallavi Rao among others.

The current track revolves around Shiva and Raavi’s relationship finally improving. The duo is often seen smiling and liking each other’s company. Meanwhile, Janardhan Seth has laid a plan to trap Shiva in a smuggling cumin.

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In the upcoming episode, Shiva pranks Raavi as he gives her a gift on her birthday. Raavi gets angry and runs behind him. Dhara and Gautam admire their bond. The family dances to the tunes of popular ‘Disco’ song. Furthermore, Shiva and Raavi share a cute banter in their room. Raavi gets scared and falls on the bed with Shiva as they share a romantic moment. Later, Raavi proposes to Shiva to become her friend. While Shiva likes what Raavi said, he doesn’t pay heed to her proposal.

Next day, Shiva leaves for his truck deal. However, Janardhan’s man Suraj doesn’t meet him but sends another man, Vikram. This makes Shiva suspicious about the entire deal. He also finds Suraj and Vikram’s statements contradictory. He thinks to himself that it is such an important deal involving a hefty amount of cash and Suraj’s lame behavior is only making things fishy.

However, Shiva will be caught in a raid for smuggling cumin seeds. Shiva will be left baffled with the accusation. 

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spdp 2 months ago Looking forward to the next phase of Shiva & Raavi's journey.
Kanwar & Alice are perhaps the most at ease lead pair in current times, and that makes their characters' graph look beautiful onscreen.
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Oeindrila 2 months ago ShiVi has made me a proud victim of Stockholm Syndrome. Kanwar and Alice are slaying it with their acting.
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funny_fubar 2 months ago Looking forwards to the upcoming tracks for Shiva and Raavi!
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nafees5 2 months ago Absolutely loving kanwar dhillon and Alice kaushik as shiva and raavi. Can't wait to to see their journey❤
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GrilledCheese 2 months ago Loving Shiva and Raavi in PS! can't wait to see how Shiva resolves the truck issue
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Romance_addict 2 months ago Would be really interesting to see how Shiva will get out of this mess.Will he be able to save himself on his own or the Pandya brothers are going to team up. Kanwar and Alice are killing it as Shiva and Raavi. ❤️❤️😘😘
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mpks1 2 months ago What a beautiful bond Shiva and Raavi share! It started at childhood! Now can’t wait to see this turn into a beautiful love story. Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik are doing an amazing job! They are perfect as Shiva and Raavi! Just love them both
Reply thumbs-up 2 thumbs-down 0
raindropsroses 2 months ago Kanwar and Alice are doing an amazing job as Shiva and Raavi ❤️❤️
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AppleOfEye 2 months ago ShiVi are super adorable!❤️
Loving Kanwar Dhillon and Alice Kaushik as Shiva-Raavi in Pandya Store!
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milkcakejamun 2 months ago Absolutely love Kanwar Dhillon as Shiva Pandya and Alice Kaushik as Raavi Pandya. They are perfect for their roles, and I can't imagine any other actors living the role 😍
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