Pandya Store: Natasha visits her family deity with Dhawal while deceiving Amba

In an upcoming episode of Pandya Store, Natasha secretly visits the family diety with her husband Dhawal, creating emotional moments.

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Pandya Store

Pandya Store, a beloved destination for fans of Hindi soap operas, continues to captivate viewers with its storylines and intriguing characters, featuring Priyanshi Yadav (Natasha) and Rohit Chandel (Dhawal) in the lead roles. Following a generational leap, the narrative now centres around Suman (Krutika Desai), who, along with her grandchildren Shesh, Mittu, and Natasha, take the storyline forward. In the previous chapters, we witnessed Natasha's marriage to Dhawal, an event orchestrated mainly at the behest of Dhawal's brother, Amresh.

India Forums has obtained exclusive information about an upcoming storyline that is sure to captivate Hindi soap opera enthusiasts. In the upcoming episode of Pandya Store, we'll witness Natasha embarking on a secretive visit to their family temple, all the while deceiving Amba, who remains completely unaware of Natasha's intentions. Accompanying Natasha on this covert journey are Suman, Shesh, Mittu, and her husband, Dhawal. The scene takes a touching turn as Suman, who relies on a wheelchair, finds herself faced with a flight of stairs leading to the family temple. Dhawal steps up in a heartwarming moment, lifting his mother-in-law in his arms and carefully ascending the stairs.

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In a parallel subplot, the temple's priest instructs Dhawal to apply sindoor (vermilion) to Natasha as part of a ritual. Dhawal heeds the priest's advice, taking a generous pinch of Sindoor in his fingers and gently applying it to Natasha's hair, creating an emotional and significant moment. The narrative then shifts to a heartwarming scene where Dhawal, Natasha, Shesh, and Mittu shower Suman with affection, covering her with love and care. Amidst this joyous moment, Suman, with her keen eye, notices that they are all drenched. Concerned, she inquires about their well-being, to which they reassure her not to worry, assuring her that they are all safe and sound.

This upcoming episode promises to showcase the deep bonds and affection within the Pandya family, leaving viewers on the edge of their seats as they wonder how Amba will react when she inevitably discovers the truth. Will the truth remain hidden, or will it come to light, adding more layers to the family's intricate dynamics? Viewers can't wait to find out.

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