Pandya Store: Natasha shares her plan to bring Dhawal back home

Pandya Store written update 2024, 10 February 2024: Natasha suggests using Amrish to convince Dhawal to return.

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Pandya Store: Natasha shares her plan to bring Dhawal back home

Tonight's Pandya Store episode commences with Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) refusing to accompany Dhawal (Rohit Chandel) and cautioning him to halt. Nonetheless, Dhawal departs from the Makwana household. Amrish pursues him, pleading for him to stop, but Dhawal disregards his appeals. Amrish, feeling helpless, sits on the road, imploring Dhawal to forgive him once. Amba once again holds Natasha accountable for everything transpiring. When Chirag attempts to defend her, Amba intervenes, branding Natasha as a scourge upon their family. Despite the blame, Natasha vows to bring Dhawal back home. Chirag wipes away her tears, and the sisters-in-law embrace her, expressing their solidarity.


Dhawal's realisation:

Dhawal heads to a hotel to secure a room but realises he left his card and money at home. Reflecting on his existence without Amrish, he sheds tears. Natasha surprises her sisters-in-law by indulging in binge eating. Suddenly, she recalls her conversation with Dhawal about Pranali's clinic inauguration and asserts that he will surely attend. Dhawal stops by a small food stall to grab a bite, where he is recognised as Amrish Makwana's younger brother. Hearing gossip about his visit to a humble stall, Dhawal reflects on his lack of identity beyond being Amrish's brother.


Natasha shares her plan:

Pranali begins to feel low and warns Natasha that discussing the clinic instead of Dhawal's return might prompt her departure. Natasha assures her Dhawal will return to help them and shares her plan. Hetal, feeling unwell, questions the feasibility of the plan. Natasha suggests leveraging Amrish to persuade Dhawal to return. Hetal points out Amrish's profound suffering due to Dhawal's departure. Natasha emphasises their shared struggle and urges them to prepare for action.

Amba's determination to reunite the brothers:

As Dhawal walks, he dwells on Amrish's betrayal and sits under a tree, consumed by memories. Amrish sits alone in the dark, haunted by Dhawal's accusations and departure. Amba joins him, offering words of encouragement to uphold family unity. Hetal requests Amba to give Amrish a break from responsibilities, but Amba insists he is not weak. Nonetheless, Amrish asks Hetal to turn off the lights after Amba departs.

Natasha envisions a joyful reunion with Dhawal, only to snap back to reality, realising it was mere imagination. The episode concludes with Amba reaffirming her determination to reconcile Dhawal and Amrish.

Amba and Amrish

Precap for the next episode:

Natasha informs Amresh that she has spoken to Dhawal, who is at Katariya's home. Amresh urges Chirag to fetch him, but Natasha intervenes, proposing that Dhawal will return if they hold Pranali's clinic inauguration, shocking everyone.

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