Pandya Store: Chiku challenges Isha to forsake her ties and accompany him, Isha agrees

Pandya Store written update, 13 April 2024: Isha reassures Chiku of her unwavering support, shocking the Makwana family with her decision to leave with him. Read on to know more.

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Courtesy : Chiku and Isha from Pandya Store. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Pandya Store episode, Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) pleads with Chiku (Sahil Uppal) to refrain from negativity and reminds him of their sibling bond, tearfully begging him not to depart. She emphasises his belonging to the Pandya family and apologises profusely, holding her ears in remorse. Despite Suman echoing similar sentiments, Chiku rebuffs her, questioning her sincerity and accusing her of favouritism towards others as he is Shweta's son. This accusation leads to a tense confrontation, with Suman slapping Chiku in frustration.

In an emotional exchange, Natasha urges Chiku to direct his grievances towards her rather than Dama, highlighting her enduring love for him over the years. However, Chiku brands her a traitor and demands she drops the Pandya name, accusing her of adopting the characteristics of the Makwana family. Suman intervenes, imploring Chiku to respect familial bonds, but he remains resolute in his decision to leave indefinitely, severing ties with a promise never to return.

Natasha takes the challenges to prove Chiku wrong:

Despite Natasha's desperate attempts to dissuade him, Chiku rebuffs her advances, emphasising the irreparable rift caused by their differing priorities. Dhawal admonishes Chiku for his behaviour towards Natasha while she rationalises Chiku's outburst as a manifestation of his anger. Chiku's resolve remains unshaken, prompting Natasha to address herself as Natasha Pandya, reaffirming her allegiance to the family.

Chiku chastises Natasha for neglecting their familial obligations, particularly the reconstruction of the Pandya Store, which has languished in disrepair for months. He questions Isha's loyalty, challenging her to forsake her ties and accompany him. Suman pleads with Chiku not to leave, assuring that things will happen according to his will. Chiku expresses his deep loneliness and insistence on departing despite their pleas. Isha reassures Chiku of her unwavering support, shocking the Makwana family with her decision to leave with him. The episode ends with Natasha defiantly challenging Chiku to prove him wrong.

Precap for the next episode:

Natasha becomes anxious about Chiku's departure from the house and frets over Suman's risk of a stroke. She then hints at undisclosed conditions imposed on her. Dhawal questions her about these conditions, prompting Natasha to reveal Amba's blackmail scheme.