Pandya Store: Amba accepts manipulating Natasha in front of the Makwanas

Pandya Store written update, 16 April 2024: Amba confesses to orchestrating the contract papers and manipulating Natasha into gathering family signatures. Read on to know more.

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Courtesy : Amba from Pandya Store. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

Tonight's Pandya Store episode begins with Natasha (Priyanshi Yadav) reassuring everyone that her grandmother is stable and promising to seek a better neurosurgeon. Amrish introduces a business associate to Dhawal (Rohit Chandel), announcing his involvement in the landmark project and his integration into the Makwana business. Natasha, lost in thought, walks through the streets and recalls Sesh's accusations regarding Suman's decline in health. Upon reaching the Makwana residence, she witnesses Dhawal celebrating with his family.

Natasha expresses her frustration by throwing away plates of colours, shocking everyone present. Dhawal intervenes to calm her down, while Amrish scolds Natasha for her actions, accusing her of overstepping boundaries. Natasha retaliates, blaming Amrish for her grandmother's condition and alleging that Suman's health deteriorated due to Chiku's departure. Sesh and Mithu arrive at Suman's side, expressing fear and regret, begging her to awaken. Natasha criticises Pranali for not assisting her and reminding her of her duty as a doctor. She believes that early intervention could have prevented Suman's current state.

Natasha takes on the blame:

Natasha questions Dhawal about his unresponsiveness to her calls, expressing her fear of losing Suman. Dhawal dismisses the business associates and embraces Natasha, consoling her. As Natasha and Dhawal prepare to leave, Amba feigns illness, causing a revelation. Amba confesses to orchestrating the contract papers and manipulating Natasha into gathering family signatures. Natasha embraces Amba, urging her not to take unnecessary blame. She reveals her own involvement in the contract despite Amba's denial.

Natasha takes Dhawal with her to see Suman despite objections from his family. Upon arriving at the hospital, they discover Suman's bed empty, and the nurse informs Natasha that her grandmother has been discharged. Disheartened, Natasha leaves while Sesh brings Ganga Jal for Suman, ending the episode.