Pack up for Ghar Aaja Pardesi!

Shocking news for the actors of Ghar Aaja Pardesi as the show wraps up all of a sudden!

Ruchi Savarn in Ghar Aaja PardesiThis industry is certainly uncertain when within a month or two the show comes under the scanner and then is pulled off if it is not doing well. However, the constant low GRPs of Sahara One has lead to two shows going off air.

Tujh Sang Preet Lagaye Sajna and Ghar Aaja Pardesi both are going off air this Friday.

One of our reliable source informs us that, "Tujh Sang... was already going off-air and it was a planned shut down but the wrap up of Ghar Aaja Pardesi which had gone on air in Jaunary came as a shocker. There was much more in the script but the show wrapped up fast and within three days the final shoot was done. If inside sources are to be believed then yesterday was the last day of shoot. The actors are still in state of shock as they did not know that they are shooting the last few scenes of the show."

"The show will end with Devika (Ruchi Savarn) and Prateek Pandey (Ankit Mohan) marrying and leading a happy life."

When contacted Ruchi Savarn she said, "I can't say anything as I am too shocked to react! I haven't got my call time for tomorrow. The last we shot seems to be a very happy ending with Devika getting married. I also heard it was the last day of shoot yesterday but we haven't got any intimation as such."


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Ankit Mohan

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Ruchi Savarn

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Tujh Sang Preet Lagayi Sajana

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Ghar Aaja Pardesi

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Comments (9)

at least she got married to prateek lol <3

9 years ago

There dance was really good and they looked cute together. Will miss him in znd-he was a good judge.

13 years ago

Best of luck to both of them-Arshad and Maria

13 years ago

It was a cute performance. I loved Arshad's hugs on the show :)

13 years ago

cute couple.. wish them gud luck for the dance !

13 years ago

I am happy they are together again!!!!

Arshad should know better than to risk his happily married life over an affair!!!!

13 years ago

they're a totally cute couple!!! loved their snippets from the practice session ... & the dance!

13 years ago

leave them alone!! let them be happy together without any drama!!

13 years ago

its just the stupid media creating rumours abt the celebrities' personal lives.. arshad is happily married to maria, and she knows he loves her a lot.. even dia is happy in her relationship.. so who is to blame for these rumours? the nonsense media!!

13 years ago

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