OMG! This Star Bharat show to go OFF-AIR in mere 4 months!

Things did not seem to have worked out..

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Star Bharat, the revamped version of Life OK channel have certainly turned out to be a game changer when it comes to making a mark, as shows like Nimki Mukhiya, Jiji Maa and Kya Haal Mr Panchaal have been fetching amazing numbers leading the channel to grab the 4th spot beating the likes of Sony TV and Sab TV.

However, while a chunk of its shows did wonders, some other shows haven't been as impactful as the others and one such show is Ayushman Bhava.

Beginning with a bang starring Avinash Sachdev, Manish Goel and Megha Gupta in lead roles, the show was one of those suspense thrillers that you could look forward to.

However, the leap that was brought in place a while ago which brought in actor, Summit Bhardwaj in the lead role as the grown-up Krish and enabled the exits of Avinash and Megha doesn't seem to have worked out for the makers as they are now planning to shut shop.

Yes! According to a report in a leading news daily, Ayushman Bhava will be going off-air by 30th December 2017 after completing a run of four months.

What do you have to say about the same? Leave in your comments below...

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Manish Goel

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Summit Bhardwaj

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Ayushman Bhava

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Comments (35)

Avinash Sachdev
Avinash Sachdev you are the best how come this is the same comment

6 years ago

Good this show is going away
Miss you a lot Avinash

6 years ago

Avinash Sachdev this was going to happen when because of the cvs foolishness they sidelined Avinash

6 years ago

Good morning Avinash Sachdev hope to see you soon in another show

6 years ago

Avinash Sachdev
Avinash Sachdev u r multitalented actor
Come back onscreen soon

6 years ago

Avinash Sachdev
Wishing and waiting to see you soon on
The small screen soon

6 years ago

Good this show definitely needs to be off air-the way they treated Avinash Sachdev

6 years ago

Avinash Sachdev, you were the original lead of AB. There was no need to get another male lead post leap in your place. And, now the CVs have learnt their lesson.

6 years ago

Avinash Sachdev
Avinash Sachdev all fans missed you in AB

6 years ago

Avinash Sachdev
No wonder AB is going away they replaced Avinash with some other actor shame on them they

6 years ago

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