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OMG! Swara gets MOLESTED in the lock up in Swaragini!!

More problems to engulf the sisters on the show.


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Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar) never seem to get a breather from their never-ending problems. It is like the sisters are magnets that attract problems within a jiffy. But the brighter part is that they come out each time like winners and their bond just gets stronger. 

Currently, the sisters are tackling not one, but three enemies together. Adarsh (Tarun Singh) and Parineeta (Akansha Chamola), with the help of Daadi (Alka Kaushal), have deceitfully usurped the Maheshwari property and thrown the family out. And they are not stopping at it. They continue to torture the family by leaving no opportunity to insult and bring them down.

But Daadi, crosses all boundaries and gets Swara arrested for robbery, even though both Ragini and Swara were involved in the act. As it is Swara-Sanskaar and Laksh-Ragini are dealing with so many problems. And now, this befalls them.

Laksh (Namish Taneja) and Sanskaar (Varun Kapoor) get called to the hospital by Sujata (Sonica Handa), who tells them that Parineeta and Adarsh have taken Annapurna (Shalini Kapoor) and Durgaprasad (Nagesh Salwan) with them. Ragini then assures the brothers that she will wait back at the lock up with Swara.

At the lock up, the constables arrive after some time and ask Ragini to leave as the visiting hours are over. But the lack of lady police constables at the lock up, rings alarm bells in Ragini's mind and she goes to the SP's house to arrange for the same. 

However, all hell breaks loose on Swara in the small amount of time that Ragini is gone. The inspector, who arrested Swara, sets wrong sights on her and molests her. But Swara being the braveheart that she is, fights him off. Ragini, along with Sanskaar, reaches by the time and Swara is saved from the hands of the inspector.

Now, what is left to be seen is whether this too was another dirty ploy by Parineeta, Adarsh and Daadi to demean Swara?


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ProudRSfan 3 years ago We want RagLak scenes. Now days I feel like saying Ragini leave your sister catch your Laksh. Ragini has her flaws and she is good and bad, she is not mahaan and nor does she have to be. We love Ragini and will keep loving her till the end. The show definitely is Swaragini but no one is interested in Swaragini bond. We care for are respective couples, I care for only RagLak. These tracks are not needed.
Keep rocking Tejasswi Prakash Wayangkar and Namish Taneja.
MishtyShona 3 years ago Hey Helly Shah and Varun Kapoor you are doing a fab job in Swaragini.

I don't understand why the makers insist on forcing illogical behenchara on us at every damn opportunity. There was no need for behna here in this scene as Sanskaar is more than capable of handling the situation.

Every damn track has a behna ko mahan dekhane ki kosish wala scene. Just fed up.

Plz, let the couples solve their repective problems by themselves, with the help of their better half's.

Swaragini Bond is super duper flop. No one likes it.
Radhadreamlove 3 years ago Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar
Namish Taneja
Ms. Ragini Gadodia to Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheshwari
Ragini-Laksh to #RagLak

#Fans #Show #PolesApart but they say #OppositesAttract but we were only attracted by #RagLak #SwaSan

#SR #TortureCry


#RagLak #Bliss #MastLife..
sia08 3 years ago keep rocking Helly Shah as swara sanskar maheswari

can cvs pls stop giving us this useless fake behna crap
Shaina_b 3 years ago Never ending problems and enemies!!!!

Only the pair works for this show!!!!

ProudRSfan 3 years ago I guess Ragini was not needed in this scene better had they showed Sanskaar helping his wife. On the other hand instead of being with her behna Ragini should have been with her husband.

We want RagLak scenes even if it is for a short periods but they being with each other, supporting and understanding is also enough.

Love you Tejasswi Prakash Wayangkar and Namish Taneja
Trisha_magnet 3 years ago Helly shah you are n amazing actor with great acting skills. Completely natural.
Swasan is the most amazing couple.
Varun kapoor and helly shah makes Swasan alive.
Lumos-Maxima 3 years ago Helly Shah & Varun kapoor you both are awesome as Swara-Sanskaar. Watching Swaragini only for you!
xsumi 3 years ago love you Tejasswi Prakash Wayangankar and Namish Taneja
you both are doing amazing as RagLak Heart
Trisha_magnet 3 years ago Helly shah u rock as swara. We want Swasan romantic track. Swasan rocks
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