OMG! Gopi to get attacked by a Scorpion in Saath Nibhana Saathiya!

Get ready for another dramatic twist on the show…

We have already reported about the talented actress Utkarsha Naik to be seen on Star Plus' beloved show Saath Nibhana Saathiya. Well, Utkarsha Naik will be playing the role of Parmila, who is Dr. Krishna's mother and the new mother-in-law to Gopi (Devoleena Bhattacharjee).

With her entry, the viewers will get to see new drama in the show.

Paridhi and Mona, who are jealous of Gopi and want to spoil her business will go to the extent of plotting a deadly attack on her. They will bring a scorpion and place it in a way that it attacks Gopi. Gopi, who has started wearing Punjabi suits after Parmila's entry in the show will come to a temple with family. She will be busy arranging flowers which have been plotted with a scorpion inside it by Paridhi and Mona.

However, their evil plan will fail as Parmila will spot the scorpion and remove it with her hand. Though Gopi will be saved, Parmila will be bitten by that scorpion.

Will Parmila prove to be a rescuer for Gopi or will become yet another enemy of hers in the show?

Keep reading the space for more updates.

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Utkarsha Naik

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Devoleena Bhattacharjee

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Saath Nibhana Saathiya

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Comments (14)

How the heck can people watch this show? HOW! Shows like this makes you wonder about people's sanity. What happened to creativity?

7 years ago

How can people still watch this show? It is senseless and meaningless, not to mention endless! Stop watching garbage like this and they will be forced to end it! Star plus please get a life and change your long running useless shows, and bring in something better! This one tops the list of shows that should end ASAP!

7 years ago

I don't blame the makers. People will go and watch this too.

7 years ago

Scorpion ko kaam dhanda nahi hai kya? Bakwaas serial should shut down!

7 years ago

Seriously??Lol... they didnt get any other animal? Considering the viewership of SNS,they should have got an anaconda...

7 years ago

So time for scorpion. Where our makers will stop . What creative minds we have !

7 years ago

this is the worst show ever end this crap i dnt understand y pple still watch this insane show please end this asap...

7 years ago

i hope government puts a blanket ban on all stupid serials.

7 years ago


this show is watched by millions of people in India
and in many foreign countries (Pakistan ,Vietnam ,UK,US ,Australia and many other)

and u r saying us mentally sick

shame on the words u r using

mannerless people

7 years ago

Reshmi Sharma's love for the creepy crawliesis spilling into all her shows.flies,scorpions and what not! Kudos to this woman who is making truck load of money out of BS across channels.

7 years ago

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