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#Omg: Actor Yash Pandit booked for rape charges!

Actor Yash Pandit, who has been a part of Television shows as well as Bollywood movies, has been booked for allegedly raping an actress...

Published: Tuesday,Nov 24, 2015 14:31 PM GMT-07:00
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Actor Yash Pandit, who has been a part of Television shows like 'Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi', 'Savitri' and reality show 'Splitsvilla' has been booked for allegedly raping an actress. Yash was also seen in Bollywood films like 'Faltu' and 'Mr Hot Mr Kool'.

According to a report, the FIR made by the complainant states, the actor met the victim (actress) on the sets of a television show, where they became friends. Later, Yash raped the actress on the pretext of marriage. He had invited the victim at his apartment, to make her meet his parents. However, upon reaching his apartment, he forcefully applied sindhoor on her forehead, thus trying to convince her of them getting married. The duo got intimate twice thereafter. 

But, later on Yash started distancing himself from the actress, informing her that he is only interested in physical relationship and the marriage was a fake act. The actress has also alleged that Yash confessed to her about him cheating upon many such girls earlier. However, they never complained to the cops, fearing defamation.

Thus, the vicitim wanted to teach him a lesson and she registerd a complaint in the Juhu Police station as well as to the DCP in Zone IX. The actress alleged that the police is hardly taking any action against Yash, on account of his family's strong connections with the cops. Despite of her multiple efforts, the actor is untraceable and is yet to be convicted.

The Senior Police Inspector of Juhu Police station stated that a new officer has been appointed this case, who is now looking into the matter and investigating the case, so all necessary sections would be included wherever required.

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BinKuchKahe. 7 years ago Seemed more like consensual sex, but then she was mistaken into believing they were married, & that would count under rape charges. EWWW what a sicko.
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Premarlove455 7 years ago India is not safe place for women now!!

Can't believe actors can do uneducated things!! And stupied polices of India doesn't take any actions!!

Indian polices would have not taken action when the gang rape, they took it so they would not feel shameful!! As it was know all over the world!! Disgusting Indian polices!!

2015-11-24 07:53:48
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B346815 7 years ago This content is hidden.
OriginalJuhi_04 7 years ago Those who r saying tis not rape sud shut up
See d main article on Google...He even forced her for oral sex
Stop blindly supporting dis man
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krystel21 7 years ago While I agree that forcefully applying sindoor on her head and declaring that they're married is ludicrous, I also have to say that rape means non consensual sex. Meaning, at the time of intercourse and/or penetration, one party involved did not give his/her consent. If there was consent at that point in time, but they went on to break up later on, I am sorry, but that doesn't constitute as rape, cause the intercourse was most definitely consensual at the time of occurrence. Doesn't mean I endorse what this man's done, he's an absolute cheap jackass.
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Yuvika_15 7 years ago judging on the info provided in this article, it doesn't seem it was rape. got intimate with him twice after she thought they were married, later got hurt because he admitted it was all an act 2 get physical with her, but that's classed as cheating his way into sleeping with her, not rape as there was consent on both sides, including the girl who was lead to believe she was getting intimate with her husband. i'm shocked she even thought that sindoor was enough to be married...?? and as far as he's concerned, he's surely a sick man to do this with a woman! shame on him.
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bahi. 7 years ago Applying sindoor and forcing her to marry him.. this guys is surely living in TV shows world, where everything seems to be okay. What is this guys made of? Stone? If this is true, then he needs to get punished. He will never be forgiven for taking advantage of girls.2015-11-24 04:56:45
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StayStrong 7 years ago those who are saying it's not rape, than please explain also why is he missing or untraceable??? probably having a leisure trip oh and the article didn't mention that all his victims wore revealing clothes the time they were getting raped, that can also prove the rapist innocent!!!

disgusting man!!!

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Premarlove455 7 years ago Oh god even actors shame, what is India present as!! Just disgusting!!
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NiraliSehgal 7 years ago applying sindoor does not equal to marriage and this story does sound filmy but sexual coercion under pretenses of marriage does come under rape.
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