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Nyra Banerjee on notion of doing erotic scenes to get instant fame

Banerjee got instant fame with her leading role in Divya Drishti which was followed by playing the lead again in Excuse Me Madam

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In the competitive world of entertainment industry, we know how difficult it is for actors to make a mark and we have seen so many try to do it unsuccessfully. Many resort to all the possible options in the mix and while to some, they seem fair and feasible; to others they don't.

Actor Nyra Banerjee got instant fame with her leading role in Divya Drishti which was followed by playing the lead again in Excuse Me Madam. The actor is clear on not willing to do explicit scenes to gain any sort of popularity nand recently in an interview with ETimes TV, she talked about the tough phase she went through during her second Bollywood film One Night Stand and how people thought it's a sexual film.

"As an actor you want to play different roles. My second Hindi film 'One Night Stand' was not a sexual film. It had Sunny Leone but it was an image changing film for her. She didn’t even kiss in that film, but because the film was called One Night Stand and it had Sunny Leone, I started getting films that were of erotic genre. People feel that if you expose and do erotic films, explicit scenes then you get instant fame but I don’t believe in it. I agree you get instant fame but if you are not a good actress you won’t be able to sustain it. I did not want to go to that route and become that kind of an actor. I want people to understand I can act and that’s why wherever I get a good role be it TV, films, South, web I will work," she said. 


The idea of switching to small screen worked for her. Talking about it, she said, "When I started getting similar roles in Bollywood and Tollywood, I actually sat and asked myself what gives me happiness acting so why not do TV. My role in Divya Drishti was not a typical saas bahu drama. It was more like a web and film content. It had every kind emotion for me to express. I played negative, positive, I did romantic, fight sequences everything in that show and Divya Drishti gave me the actual fame. What actual recognition, fame that Divya Drishti gave me, even my films did not give. I did not become a typical, typecast bahu on TV after Divya Drishti. I feel lucky that I made the correct decisions in my career. If I would have kept doing the same roles in Bollywood and Tollywood I would have become popular but I would have not been able to prove myself as an actress. With Divya Drishti, Excuse Me Madam I am able to prove myself."

She described the waiting period being the most painful one when she anticipated things to go her way after One Night Stand, "It was a very painful period when things did not go the way I had expected after my film One Night Stand. A lot of people would tell me that you are good looking and have a girl next door face, so why would you do a film like One Night Stand? And then it would become even more painful and complicated to tell them that the film is not based solely on sex and it is not what you are thinking. They had the perception. I had to face a lot of problems after that to get the right kind of role or a character of a girl next door. I have faced problems in every aspect of my life whether when I was getting the kind of roles in South. I had two choices in life either to make money and keep quiet or to fulfil what I want to do and play different roles. I chose the second one and it had many obstacles in my life. I know there will be somebody who will believe in my talent and offer me an opportunity and there have been people."

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